Sunday, May 28, 2017

#Uganda's Mabira now becomes an orphan thanks to @FDCOfficial1 and @KagutaMuseveni

One time Mataya called me from Los Angeles.  It was night time my time and it had to be an emergency of some sort.  He is on the West Coast and I am on the East Coast and we have a time difference of me being ahead by 4 hours.
Half asleep, I ask the usual question "Who died?"
He says it is the brother of his dad.  We had been going through a spate of deaths in Bugisu and we had made airplanes boda bodas and so usually one death on the East Coast meant I fly home and he pays the airline ticket.  One death in his family, he flies home and I pay the ticket.  We all got too broke from this boda boda business because airpline tickets are not as cheap as boda bodas.
I asked my friend "Uncle died.  So what happened?".
He replies "He died, that is what happened".
I lose it and ask him exactly what the bloody hell happened?  He replies "he died, that is what happened".
By this time I am thinking he is a teacher and is about to teach me a lesson.
Kumbe Mataya had received a call from home that uncle had died.  He had asked the cousin "What happened?"  The cousin had replied "he died, that is what happened".   I then ask him since when did he start talking like that?  Reply "babanu bowo shibali ni kamakyesi tta.  Ari nareba umusiru uyu ini shina shisherire papa newanzilamwo ari, papa wafile.  Mbwo wafile.  That is what happened".
Can you just believe our people?  Anyway, Mataya did not fly home.  We just arranged for family members to go to Busoba and bury the dead.  We were left in shock actually because it looks like our people do not stop to ask any questions of how the person died.  It could be something hereditary.  It could be malaria or any other disease.  We want to know so that we can help and ensure we limit deaths.  BUT oh yeah, dude died and that is what happened.
Now some of you ask if Mabira Forest has become an orphan?  HOW so?  Just because its mother abandoned it?  Just because it has no one left to fight for its survival?  Mabira forest is dead.  That is what happened this weekend.  See for yourself how Mabira forest became an orphan.  Now a grieving child.  Cry the Beloved Country.  Mabira is Dead.  Who shall bury Mabira?
On Mabira's gravestone, please engrave the following:
We could have helped to save Mabira but we were too busy shagging the money givers, betraying our future and going hungry for lack of food and medicine.  Nonnnnn.  We had to find termites to feed our families.  Harvest Spear Grass to drink the juice from it.  Trap rats for protein.  We had no chance.  
May you rest in Peace beloved child and in your grave you must send more droughts to teach us that we should have protected our forest to balance the Eco-System.  Climate Change is a Hoax anyway.  President Donald Trump has all the science on you.  So do please never forget us.  Send us some rain to wash away our tears and the blood that was shed to protect you. We are finished.  Hasta La Vista baby!
Martha Leah Nangalama
Cousin of Mabira from a different mother. Could be a monkey or baboon. 

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