Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#Ugandans want to do international business on Uganda terms - #MoneySense

For one thing, I have never met anyone from China, Vietnam, South Korea or Europe who insisted on doing business on according to their culture.  Uganda is one of the most impoverished countries in the world and want everything done on their terms.  Beggars will never be choosers.

This gentleman from Uganda contacts contacts me saying he is gonna teach me how I can travel and stay in 5 star hotels for cheap.  The cost is $100 per month to get into the club.  He obviously hates Google.  How do you talk to someone who travels cheap about travelling cheap when they are ahead of you.  He threw in fancy hotels.  Naturally had he read my blog he would have found out that our family has a Gold Seal Chef trained in France who has previously worked for Royal Hotel in Toronto and Chateau Champlain in Quebec.

The other day some kawala abused me when I told her to stop promoting Crypto Currency (a child of Bitcoin).  She said that I know nothing about investing and currency.  Had she used Google, she would have found out that I have decades in trading and own shares in oil and banks.

Then these silly ones.  Very silly.  They ask me to pay for food supplements from Philipines when Canada imports people from the Philippines to do all the work we do not want to do.

There was another one.  He said I need to go into the Gold Coffee business to become a millionaire.  My family grows Arabica but apparently this Nigerian was gonna get me to buy processed coffee from a company he was working with in a pyramid scheme.

Finally we have the ones who want to sell me land in decimals.  What is even that?  We quote land in acres or hectares.  AND they wanna sell me decimals in Uganda when we have acres in Canada.

I try to tell them that to learn to do business globally and then they abuse me.  WHY?  It is their loss.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Until Uganda gets it, I will not stop talking and writing.


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