Friday, May 26, 2017

#Ugandans reacted to the "#Boeing gets Uganda Airlines Deal"

This video made me almost cry the first time I watched it.  Just today I just used it in a story on the govt awarding sh. 1.4B to a third enterprise to do another study on the revival of Uganda Airlines.  Just to give you an idea of how much the regime thinks we are stupid, watch this video and read the comments below.

The comments are on the video on Youtube.  The MP4 is available via WhatsApp +15068716371 and the link is at the bottom to the youtube itself.

Gosh. the amount of wrong information in this clip. Oh my God. Did these guys actually go to Boeing? A 737-500 seating 4 across? and then they are able to still sit 200 passengers? 30 million dollars? Aren't these guys going to buy junk aircraft? the last 737-500 aircraft was manufactured in 2000. What other 737 is he talking about. Very interesting. CRJ900 and ERJs cost much more than what he is proposing. very interesting.
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abbey Sekamatte
This moderator is just a joke. Did he do research,I could have asked much better questions and handled the interview more professional.I'm so angry with the way how a trained pilot too (like he says) is stressing the adaptability of the plane to the weather,like the other competitors planes don't have such and which it is amateurish. A boeing 787 cost up wards of $300 million . Now the 737 could carry half of those people and he claimed to cost $30 million. What are we smoking !! poor interview and poor interviewee.
Michael Kaliisa
The most annoying part of this interview is the host believed everything this dude said.
John Forbes
Yes a lot of void information was shared in this clip well it's never official until Boeing announce the order same thing applies for the crjs. 500 series isn't even NG. So I don't think that would be ideal. Just stick to the crjs n wide body 330s and we will prosper
Joshua Musoke
This gentleman is an absolute joke. most carriers have parked the -500 in favor of the -700, -800 and for range capacity -900. The outside elements do not have that affect on the body of the aircraft seeing as all temperatures above 24,000 feet are all negative. Wow hood wink people without doing any research, the range of said 737-500 is 4444 km or about 2400 nautical miles, but add weight and winds and you are coming up really short of your destination and a tech stop will be necessary. so your Entebbe to London route is a non starter at 6504 km or 3512 nautical miles.

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