Wednesday, May 10, 2017

#Ugandans laughed as the country slid to hell - #Museveni #NRM @UPDFSpokesman

When you just smile:

[Another wake up call to all Ugandans by Rabba Naga, the Senior freedom struggle leader operating from within the Museveni camp…
Rabba reminds us all about all those warnings about Museveni, from General Sejussa, Mzee Boniface Byanyima, Ziritwawula, Kategaya, etc. Ugandans laughed them off. But now even those who have long gone, like Kategaya, must be smiling from wherever they are in their afterlife.]

Rabba Naga Statement in full:

When you just Smile.

As the bible says, there is time for everything. A time to be born and a time to die, a time to cry and a time laugh and a time to talk and a time to keep silent etc. But most interesting there is that time to JUST SMILE.

I think Obote and Muwanga and the like are smiling from wherever they are in their afterlife. Others smiling must be people like B. Byanyima and his ilk. Remember their warnings as to what Museveni would do to Uganda. They were laughed off to their graves or farms. Ziritwawula warned about extending NRM in 1989. We laughed him off to obscurity. 

When Kategaya was being hounded for warning against removing term limits, he was laughed off to his grave, prematurely of course. I remember Amama Mbabazi telling Kategaya "Kategaya as one of our historical leaders knows in NRM we don’t make such mistakes because we are tested......" he was speaking at a function of Lc lll chairmen. The rest is history as they say. Kategaya must be smiling.

When Sejjusa warned about the creeping coup in 2013, we called him names and laughed him off to exile. Then he warned the country about crime preventers before they were even deployed. It was April 2014 when the first batch had just arrived at Kabalye in 2014. Fast forward, 2016 "election/coup" must be a stinking egg on the faces of all the so called high priests of our banana republic. 

We watch as Uganda is systematically being militarized, with soldiers taking over civil service responsibilities, administering huge budgets, taking over lakes and forests, taking over tax collection etc. Blatantly ignoring the constitution and serving as ministers when they are still serving officers, etc.

Of course, some of these actions are not necessarily well thought out. They are rear guard actions by a regime that is fast losing control, to try to fill the gaping holes as the country slowly goes down. It does not matter that all those areas they were deployed in nothing has changed. Not wealth creation, not over fishing, not destruction of forests, not poaching our parks dry, not stealing the taxes etc. And you cannot blame the UPDF. What can they do? Even them they are just cast into confusion.

By 2020, Uganda under Museveni will look like Uganda under Idi Amin in 1975. Those who doubt this can go on laughing. As the saying goes, the one who foretells misfortune is not the one who brings it.

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