Thursday, May 11, 2017

#Ugandans dazed as daily torture of innocent, murders continue unabated @IGPUganda @aKasingye @KagutaMuseveni @TourismUganda

[By Rabba Naga, the senior freedom struggle leader operating from Museveni camp – 11/05/2017]
HELLO UGANDANS, HELLO, HELLO, ANYONE LEFT? Probably all gazing up, in trance, at the Nakayima Tree!!
Then what of the torturing of our citizens, abducting children, fathers, mothers, the daily murders all over the country, the lack of accountability and impunity in the way the country is being run.
And yet, the general collapse of all opposition parties and total lack of concern by all groups in civil society. One would ask what is happening? I won’t ask because It has been coming for a while now. But boy, Mr Museveni, his police chief and their inept parliament take the Cock.
And then those Muslims children kidnapped, and tortured Muslim mothers, stripped naked, any clerics left in this country? They are waiting to torment the collapsing Nyanzi!!.
Then enters Syda Bbumba and the BOSS showing how petty we are, crying over the 6bn Golden theft, they take the Cake and 157 million dollars!
Woooow! Uganda Zaabu.

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