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One of my long time friends flew from Los Angeles to Uganda this past week and decided to go to Bududa apparently to see how my people live.  At first I called him a liar because his family is in Busiende / Busoba so he had no business going to Bududa.  For what even?  Turns our he did not lie on Friday and spent Saturday May 13 and Sunday May 14, 2017 in Bududa among my people.
You can tell from the pictures that Bududa is a lush place with greenery all around and very beautiful scenery. In fact, that place is like paradise if it were to be taken good care of.  I should know.
Mataya said he was shocked when his driver and him pulled up at Bududa Hospital. Like yeah!  I have been telling the world. He said "Bududa Hospital is a Death Trap!".  Apparently the hospital is in such bad shape and dirty and he asked who would go there for medical treatment?  Actually I did.  I got head surgery in that hospital.  BUT Daniel Nangalama died in that hospital for lack of medicine and equipment. Some of you know this story.  I will tell it over and over and over again until I die and even leave a track record of saying President Yoweri Museveni killed my father.
The shops in the main trading center as you can see are in terrible shape.  The buildings and paintings and the signs on everything.  Do people at home not have water and soap and brushes and sponges and paint?  We ought to help ourselves.  So this is what Bududa showed to an American from California.  And you think he will go back and tell his Hollywood clients to visit Uganda (he is an accountant with his own firm and services mostly Hollywood stars).
This story is going somewhere.
One David Wakikona whom some of you know as having worked for Museveni for was it 14 or 15 years, said pilot, MP, Minister of something (I do not bother with details of people who have failed my people).  He used land registration silliness and grabbed lidukha (read big shop block) from an elderly gentleman in Bududa.  So this old man wakes up last week and apparently does not own his shop.  Wakikona with security goons kicked the poor grandpa out.
The sons of the old gentleman heard about it and rushed to Bududa.  They beat the shit out of one of Wakikona's sons (I do not bother with details of thugs).  But get this, Bududa police arrested the sons of the older gentleman and threw them in a cooler in Bududa prison.  I wish you people could see that gombolola or said prison.  My mother was one time held there when her brothers land grabbed the only land she had in Bushika.  She got out after 3 weeks and won the case.  
Well, last night the sons of the older gentleman did a prison break.  They beat the crap out of the prison and police guys, took their guns, shot one dead and took off.  As I write this, no one knows where they are or how many guns they ran away with.  Are you thinking what I am thinking?  That Museveni si gonna deploy killers to Bududa?  He better think twice because I too will become a rebel.  Necessity is the mother of invasion.
Mataya went to register his SIM card since he cannot put down his phone at any given moment.  Do you know what Airtel told him?  No National ID, No Sim Registration, No Service.  So he had to go to his village in Busiende or Busoba and get a letter from an illiterate LC1 then take that letter to Kampala and apply for the National ID then go and register his SIM CARD.  Exactly why would Uganda be interested in a SIM CARD from Long Beach California?  It begs the question.  Do you see him returning to Los Angeles and telling his clients to go visit Uganda?  I do not think so.
In the first place, who has the money to travel from Bududa after buying lunch for an LC1 and go all the way to Kampala.  The transport alone is I think something like Sh. 20,000 and sugar is sh. 8,000/kg. PRIOTIES people!
But think about the wasted time.  Okay, so he is an American and money is not an issue but you want him to go all the way to Kampala and pretty well spend 2 days chasing a piece of card that will never be used outside of Uganda. Are we stupid?  As a matter of fact when Mataya told me this I called him a LIAR.  Again.  NO, he was not lying.  But given the time expense, he decided to do what many none Ugandan residents are doing to register their SIM cards.
The gentleman heads to Airtel to register his SIM card.  He is asked for National Id.  He says he does not have one.  He tells them he lives in California but hands over his Ugandan passport.  This guy is a true patriot and as Ugandan as they come.  He has never applied for a US passport.  Some of us on the other hand only travel on foreign passports.  But get this, Airtel refused to register his SIM CARD because a Ugandan passport is useless.  Oh yeah, Minister of Internal Affairs makes a farce over the useless passport and it is not good as ID in Uganda.  Just think about this.  Isi khwama khwama ishikopi naabi naabi (learn Lumasaba, it will be good for you).  Matsima babanu beffe bali ni busiru bukhakwise banu tsinzoli!
He finally shows AIRTEL his California ID.  They register his SIM CARD!
Tumbafu!  I hope Thunder and Lightning strike you!
Martha Leah Nangalama

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