Monday, May 29, 2017

#Uganda opposition infighting turns us back to @KagutaMuseveni @FDCOfficial1 @MugishaMuntu @KizzaBesigye1 @NandalaMafabi @KaijaHarold @AmamaMbabazi

Awangale Ssebalwanya Yoweri Museveni.  Owangale Tata Waife.

Whatever that means.

Why a revolution eats its own. Uganda opposition are too slow.

Why even bother to fight President Yoweri Museveni as opposition when his own do a better job of fighting him?

Mayombo was NRM.
Kazini was NRM.
Kagezi was NRM.
Aronda was NRM.
Kiggundu was NRM.
Kaweesi was NRM.

Did opposition kill them?  NRM killed them all.  So why fight a losing war when their own prized people are the ones they kill themselves.

Was not Gen. Sejusa not NRM?
Besigye was also NRM.
Mugisha Muntu was NRM.
Amama Mbabazi is NRM.

It becomes a kindergarten game to watch opposition fight among themselves instead of fighting Jarukanga.

Museveni has his immediate in his circle so just make love instead of war among yourselves.

Do not fight each other.  In fact in war, when you see your enemy fighting an enemy you both are against, give that perceived enemy a jerry can of petrol and matches to help them burn the common enemy for you both.

Where was this story even going?

Uganda opposition has become a joke.  They are in media fighting each other and we are left wondering who the enemy is. It still breaks my heart how to see FDC diehards attacking JPAM and they cannot pull up any information that he is not opposition.   It stunned me when a close FDC friend flew off the hook about sh.470M for Mrs. Mbabazi's medical treatment.  I asked him to tell me what the constitution says about a former PM and benefits, he had no idea but insisted it was wrong.

Till I asked him to send me the cost of medical treatment for a hematology illiness in UK for a month.  He could not give me any numbers. Be assured that Hon. Mbabazi paid way way more than that money which Uganda media was flaunting.  Just because you have never held $10,000 in your hand does not mean it is a fortune.  This insult is intended.

FDC has done severe damage.  They have never gone to Kasese but will trash Mugisha Muntu daily on Facebook.  There ought to be some civility about attacking the president of the party you belong to.  Museveni would put you on Katebe for attacking the leader of NRM.

FDC on the other hand thinks that free reign of their members on Social Media is democracy.  It is not and you make a very big mistake to have your leaders attack the president on global forums.

Sure, you hate Gen. Mugisha Muntu but have you ever wondered why Nandala Mafabi and Dr. Besigye do not complain about Muntu?

Well, I have wondered.  I have wondered why Nathan and Besigye do not come out and speak out against the attacks on Muntu.  I have wondered why they remain silent when the president of FDC is constantly attacked by even half imbeciles who are little informed about Muntu's record.  Are they also sitting back to watch Muntu burn?

I have lost great friends for standing up for Muntu and will lose more.  Do you know how disciplined Muntu is? That man rejected opportunities big time.

To know how self serving FDC can be.  WhatsApp and Facebook was awash with KB being appointed by Museveni for the UN.  You could have heard a pin drop.  Looks like you all want it one way.  Why did you not stand up and say it was fake news because we know KB would never accept such a post.

Please stop the double standards.  What is good for the gander ought to be good for the goose.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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