Thursday, May 4, 2017

#Uganda needs its own national language



Forget about the bubbling dictator on Al jazeera interview. Museveni even feels comfortable lying, in front of the camera,  that the people overwhelmingly voted for his wife, and my question is that, did the people also voted for her to become a useless minister? Back to the topic.

Uganda needs to choose a language that is most spoken and understood by the majority of Ugandans as an official language and that language is Luganda. If you look at the most developed nations, they all picked a language most understood by the majority of their people.

China has over 200 dialects but chose Chinese as
their official language, Japan has well over 80 dialects but chose Japanese as the official language, Russia has many dialects but chose Russian.

It is insane to expect to develop our nation teaching our children in a foreign language and we expect them to excel. This regime will never even consider any native language as the official language because Museveni himself would prefer Kinyarwanda as he is from Rwanda. We cannot please every citizen when it comes to choosing an official language.

This is a topic most sensitive to most Ugandans but it is so because of selfish reasons. Some have even suggested to start teaching Chinese language in schools and at the same time we hear Banus Museveni telling us that he fought and conquered colonialism but he forgets that those very colonialists he alleges to have fought left an important colonial chain of their languages and our so called leaders were stupid enough to pick up that chain and tie it tightly around our necks.

Amin was the first sub-saharan Africa to address the UN general assembly in Luganda in 1975, a true native African language. Uganda lost a brave son general Idi Amin Dad may his soul RIP.

We need to look deep into our souls and do what is good for our nation and that includes to get rid of these self anointed freedom fighters who believe that if one dictator is voted over and over again like Robert Mugabe is a good dictator.


------ follow up --------
From an Informed Ugandan:

I would like to address another concern with you, of all the 100% population of Ugandans, of about 30% are muganda and they know and can speak Luganda, of about also 30% are Lugbara (The entire westnile region, majority of the people there are Lugbara) and they know and can speak Lugbara language, of about 28% are Acholi, Lango and Alur!, the bugishu are also there and  the percentage number of people goes that way.
Then, how possible can this ratio balance when actual the half percentage  number of people in Uganda are not baganda?.

My Response:

My son I appreciate your concern regarding my article and you're such an inspiration for others who decided to attack me instead of putting the issue for discussion.

Luganda is spoken and understood in the majority of Uganda. Busoga, Bugisu, all the way to Kenya Uganda boarder, in Ankole, Tororo even in some parts of Tanzania. I did not take this issue lightly and I did research on it. If you believe that the people of West Nile's language is predominant in Uganda its an issue that could be explored.

I asked a question if anyone knows any nation that has developed using a foreign language and the smartest man in Uganda Adam Luzindana said Israel that English is the official language in that country.

The official language in Israel is Hebrew and perhaps Arabic. We must swallow the sour pill for the development of our nation and again I thank you for being an informed Ugandan.

My article rubbed Museveni's supporters the wrong way, instead of putting the issue for discussion they went on a wild and venomous attack on me.

I asked them to give me one country that they know of that developed a foreign language to develop and one goofy fool said Uganda

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