Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#Uganda #MediaFreedom is a myth - theatened over #FreeStellaNyanzi @StateHouseUg @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye

A reliable source has disclosed that Uganda media has been threatened to abandon the story of Dr. Stella Nyanzi.

This is nothing new in that country which supposedly has too much freedom and democracy.

The fact that the government mouth piece Mr. Ofwono Opondo was in media 2 days ago attacking Ambassador Deborah Malac's address to Uganda journalists on World Media Freedom Day ought to tell you all the tough conditions under which Uganda's journalists work.

Imagine a government barking dog attacking Uganda's biggest donor's representative about a well articulated and true public address.  Then what happens to regular people with no US Department of State backing them up with $74 million donor pocket money for Museveni monthly (not counting other projects and donations).

Mrs. Janet Museveni, Gen. Yoweri Museveni through IGP Kale Kayihura intend to keep Nyanzi locked up for good.

The world must be aware of the machinations of this regime. There is no doctor in Uganda who is qualified to attest to the mental status of Stella Nyanzi. None whatsoever.  This court ordered sanity test is purely and simply to practice an age old dictator habit of institutionalising political opponents.  In this case an opponent who cannot be assassinated or die in a freak accident like many, including the family of Dr. Henry Obonyo.

If you missed Ambassador Malac's speech, here is the link.  You will ascertain for yourself that there was nothing in it that merited Opondo's retaliation.  OR unless the mention of Stella Nyanzi is giving Uganda government sleepless nights.

Stella needs a powerful law defense team. Her lawyers are doing an amazing job but all of us who support her and want her to be set free are now going to dig into our pockets and find money to add another lawyer on her defense team.  He does not come cheap.

While talking about media intimidation, Christopher Kyeswa is still missing.  Stanley Ndawula is still free but living in fear.  There is a journalist who covered a story of the 2 kidnapped American kids being held in Uganda who received death threats. Our team is reviving that story as we have more information from a Congress Hearing on the Goldman Act.

The police only disclosed yesterday that they were holding the 12 Muslim kids over AIGP Felix Kaweesi's assassination after Uganda media blew the lid off.  Otherwise we did not know they have been holding those kids since March this year. Uganda Police Spokesman Asan Kasingye said yesterday that the kids were to be released yesterday or today. Watch the space.

So in essence, no matter how much Uganda media is compromised, they still get the story out.  It is then up to us to keep the story in the lime light.  Please do not let Stella Nyanzi be overshadowed by a dead man's story when you know very well that the regime killed its own.

Be careful. No one talks about the Kayunga riots arrests anymore.  What happened to those youth? Mengo forgot them.  The FDC and GoFoward youth who were arrested in 2015 and 2016, were they all freed?

The Royal guards and the innocent slaughtered from Kasese, have you forgotten them this fast?  Joan Kagezi died like a flame in the dark and vanished out of our minds with no trace. Major Kiggundu now looks down after his beloved got married.  Do not say so soon..because there is nothing wrong with it. But say so soon we forgot about his assassination???

One 18 year old girl was sentenced to 18mths in prison for having given false information to the terror police about Kaweesi's murderers.  Pray tell us.  How many years did you imprison the "informants" who made you raid mosques only for you to soon apologize that you got false information?

Just like 99% of the elite, academicians and religious leaders remain silent on the current incarceration of Stella Nyanzi, they also remain silent on the kidnapping and incarceration of 12 children.  Are there any Muslim Clerics left in Uganda?

Martha Leah Nangalama

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