Sunday, May 28, 2017

#Uganda media is lying to the nation @DailyMonitor @ObserverUG

The discussion with one of my friends in Uganda who is a TV anchor this morning went something like this:
"Universities in Uganda need to offer GOOGLE as a course".  Why I said this is because my friend asked me something that I thought was rather obvious so I am sure he will now go to Google school.
When main stream media prints lies, it dumbs the nation. Opinions are acceptable for they are just an opinion and not a fact.
Uganda and Tanzania signed a deal for the longest heated oil pipeline in the world.  If such a publication is not STUPID then I also need your weed supplier.  That pipeline is not the longest.  How exactly do you think Russia, Canada and US move oil in much longer pipelines?  
Follow this link if you hate Google.
If your writers are not global savvy, hire people who are global.  In this age, when you print a lie, it propagates to others who plagiarise your work.
Some of you will remember that 10 days ago, I pulled down because I caught some of you sharing articles from that blog as your own and some of you alluding that they were written by Sarah Nalukenge.  AND you all know that she is a thief.  All her articles are lifted off the Change blog.  The writers on that blog endanger their lives and live in hiding struggling to make ends meet and none of you pay them so you must not share their articles without giving the source of the information.
I have news feeds from all your media and will catch your lies and refute them.  I will also block the blog and even my own feeds to teach you that Plagiarism is Theft.  Then so many of you complain that President Yoweri Museveni and his National Robbers' Movement are thieves.  Well, how can you complain about theft when you are stealing yourself?  Have you no integrity?  No one asks you to pay for anything.  Just mention the source and stop pretending that you wrote the article.  When Museveni is gone, we will clean you all out because we will not allow stealing.
Pipelines in Russia, Canada and USA are all heated in case you did not know that we live in sub-zero temperatures.  Perhaps your articles should have said "Longest heated oil pipeline in Africa".  
If you can lie about something this public, how are we to trust your information?  And you wonder why you lose readers?  You lose readers because they see you lying.  You also lose your staff because when you allow a culture of plagiarism in news, you let down your writers too.  This is a new media war.  LIES will not be tolerated.  Do universities in Uganda teach basic research skills?  They should.  Because then you would know that stealing Business and Oil Report signing with Henry Musoke is a joke since he knows nothing about markets and just lifted the article off someone who knows markets and oil.
I give up.  Just DUMB the nation but they are awake now and onto you.  When your papers no longer sell like nsenene on Kampala streets, you shall return to truth.  Inform and Educate and do not rip us off.
Martha Leah Nangalama
Disclosure: I am on the payroll of an oil company but my opinions are all my own sins. 

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