Thursday, May 11, 2017

#Uganda #Kaweesi assassination - @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye arrest 13 more suspects, torture them

Follow @observerug on this gross abuse of Human Rights by #Uganda police. So it looks like 26 grown ups killed Kaweesi, 15 kids and some wives of some Muslim guys.

If this is not a blatant persecution of Moslems then I do not know what is worse. AND where are those Clerics and Imams and Muslim lawyers? Useless elites of Uganda. How can you stand aside as your people are murdered and persecuted daily?

Will you be buried in your pajero? Also where are those pretentious Christian sijui born again liars of 77 DOGS (days of glorious sinning) and the ones who sell Holly Rice and Holly Water? Where are the annointed ones and the prophets?

Where are the Bishops who wine and dine with the enemy?

Where is Pastor Ngabo when we need Thunder and Lightning?

Where are the Muslim MPigs? Oops, sorry about the Pig though.

Some of the arrested suspects have wounds on legs and hands #

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