Tuesday, May 2, 2017

#Uganda #Journalist kidnapped by State Operatives - @IGPKayihura @aKasingye @PoliceUg

In the last 2 days some global followers have seen messages we shared about the CEO of the online news site InvestigatorNews being threatened by the State for his site writing about the late AIGP Kaweesi.
Mr. Stanley Ndawula is safe, not kidnapped yet but living in fear.  However, one of his employees got kidnapped and is now out but still not safe. In Uganda, no one in media is safe.  It is the most dangerous job in the country for News Reporters and Journalists face daily intimidation, get beat up on live camera and get killed.  It still remains a noble job though for informing the world what our country is going through. 
Please see below the message from Uganda.

How The Investigator Columnist Egesa Ronald Leonard was kidnapped by police operatives
Yesterday, as I drove along Bombo Rd to go and attend a family engagement, I was kidnapped by overzealous operatives purportedly working on behalf of the Police leadership. They blindfolded me, drove my car away and detained me in a house that I suspect to be in Naguru or Muyenga.
After midnight, a bulky figure only referred to as 'afande' appeared to interrogate me. In our exchange, he was pushing me to tell them who is using me and other journalists to fight Gen. Kale Kayihura and the Police. I politely asked him to go through my phone contacts and call log. After this, he simply remarked that it seems things are complicated. He stepped out, worked his phone and came back to ask if I wanted to leave. It was 1:00am and I could not trust my captors to safely deliver me to town in the dead of the night. I asked to be released in the morning after 7 am.
I was blindfolded again in the morning, driven and dropped at Kubiri near Hass Petrol station at 7:25 am and handed the key to my car. The chaps sped off, but seemed scared. I knew that after going through my phone contacts and call log, this guy would know better. Indeed, he got scared and disturbed by some of the contacts in my phonebook and the call log. He pleaded with me to close the matter and forgive them.
Well, like I mentioned here a few weeks ago, there are so many security agencies, some are quasi-police agencies and they are stuffed with non-trained operatives who are overzealous and do not seem to know where to stop. They cannot restrain themselves. I have chosen to first keep quiet about this incident, but we must be headed for tough times as a country.
'Safe' houses are back. Panda Gari might slowly be returning. The philosopher said that 'there is nothing new under the sun'.  I know very many comrades, distinguished officers and men who are now ashamed to be serving in the current Uganda Police Force
God Save Uganda.

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