Saturday, May 27, 2017

#Uganda is a failed State

For all Ugandans who are still in slumber,  I am gonna cause pain.
So our parents sell some land and get you a degree.  Then sell land to give you a graduation party.  Then sell land to send you to Arabs in Modern Slavery.  Then sell land to fly your dead body back home.
Then sell whatever is left to bury you.
And then their relatives write RIP upon your death.  Then what happens to the elders?
That oil is not coming out for the common man.  At least I know oil.  In fact I even have shares in Oil.  Just think about how OPEC is negotiating with none OPEC members to cut down production and push prices up.  They will not succeed.  They got Russia but will not convince America or Canada.
You banked on a commodity which shows no mercy for newbies. Even Venezuela where oil used to be cheaper than soda is now burning.  Practically all Oil producers who did not set up funds to cater for the down spiral are hurting big time.  Arab countries are ruled by despots and monarchies but one thing they do very well is ensure that their people are well looked after by always holding billions of dollars in cash to bail out their companies and their people.  African and Latin American oil producers do none of these things and the coming war is gonna be about burn down Luanda, Abuja or Tripoli.  Hoima is not even worth burning.
Your politicians ripped you off promising oil money to rescue you from poverty and here you are eating termites and rats.  You should have seen this coming when they appointed people who were totally unqualified for jobs to be ministers and policy makers in key positions.  EDUCATION, ICT, ENERGY, Agriculture.  You reap what you saw. 
For how long shall you rely on idiots in government to promise you heaven on earth based on oil which is now not even controllable by OPEC?
Did you stop to think that Ugandans can fish and grow cassava better than Asians?  By the way, they now even make kabs and roasted maize as their embassies promise infrastructure!  You also forgot to grow cotton and make cement and fertilizer from Tororo?  MY gosh, I should never have flown out of Uganda because the day I left that country, my people started to eat a poison which is now killing them all.  I am back though. BURN!
You are your own enemy.
"Poor reading habits are the enemy of civilisation".  Why did your MPigs not ask for details of the oil deals?  Because they cannot read or research.
If Uganda thinks that Canada, US and Saudi will help them to ride the oil roll coaster then I need to fly the girls back to Toronto and back to Canada's Wonderland or Marineland.
Ugandans must wake up.
Naye awangale Kabaka waffe.
How many roses can you pick from a Rose bush without being pricked by thorns?
Cry The Beloved Country.
Martha Leah Nangalama
I keep it real. Others catch up later.

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