Wednesday, May 10, 2017

#Uganda helps Gen. #Kayumba's rebels - #Rwanda Kigali not amused @PaulKagame @KagutaMuseveni @UPDFspokesman

The government of dictator Yoseri Kaguta Kayibanda Museveni is assisting the Rwandese reneged general Kayumba to disorganize Paul Kagame's regime. The rebels are being secretly trained inside Uganda with the knowledge and help from Uganda government.
The NRM regime also is helping Egyptian government to attack Addis Ababa the capital of Ethiopia. With the help from the Eritrean government both countries have given a go ahead to attack Ethiopia over the construction of the largest dam in Africa to curtail water supply from the river Nile to Cairo.
In response to Kampala's aggressive move towards Rwanda, the ministry of education in Rwanda has expelled all Ugandan teachers in government schools and the government of Rwanda has promised to expel more Ugandans inside Rwanda to leave the country immediately.
Also Museveni has urged the South Sudan government to allow Egypt to establish a military base in South Sudan so that it can be used to attack Ethiopia. Museveni has been involved in wars ever since he grabbed power in 1986. It's fair to come to the conclusion that Museveni has to keep his army in conflicts to avoid his regime from being toppled.

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