Tuesday, May 9, 2017

#Uganda govt tries to steal #Kabaka #Buganda land - #LandGrabbing

The Buganda Kingdom administration at Mengo has rejected government proposals to seize private Mailo land saying it will breed instability.

The call comes as government is drafting a Bill which will allow it compulsorily take over any land deemed ideal for national development projects without the consent of owners.
Speaking yesterday in Lukiiko (Buganda parliament), Kattikiro Charles Peter Mayiga castigated the move and said Mengo will fight it with the required effort.

“Any move intended at taking over people’s land for development without due compensation is wrong and it is aimed at creating instability,” Mr Mayiga said.

Mr Mayiga made the remarks yesterday while delivering his final speech as Buganda’s top administrator before his four year tenure officially elapses on May 12.
He was enumerating the achievements and challenges the kingdom has seen in the past one year.
He said for government to address land conflicts, it must ensure police investigate the related disputes to a logical end, provide courts with evidence against culprits and courts should expedite the hearing of the cases.

“When the issue of police and court is handled, we shall be somewhere. Politicians should also leave land matter to lawyers. A government cannot fail to secure and compensate for land for its projects. Most of the infrastructure in Uganda including the roads was set up between 1950 and 1970 and the then governments compensated people for their land. The same should be done today,” Mr Mayiga charged.

He said what is impeding national development is the weaknesses of government servants and corruption. He said they publicise government secrets which tips dealers to know of projects ahead and use that knowledge to hike the land value in project areas in order to get huge compensation.
He said the land tenure system in Acholi is not Mailo but once government attempted to acquire land there arbitrarily, women stripped and investors fled.

Kyapa mu ngalo
Mr Mayiga said Kabaka Ronald Mutebi loves his people and it is what drove him to endorse the “Kyapa mu ngalo drive “(land title in your hands).
“The Kabaka is our father who wishes well for his people. This is why he endorsed Kyapa mu ngalo. No one can claim to love people more than the Kabaka. The dissenting voices are those of the same people who criticised the Ettofaali drive. They don’t want to see our prosperity,” Mayiga said.
He insisted the Kyapa mu ngalo project is not imposed on the people and has full blessing of the Kabaka who wants secure tenancy for his subjects, mitigate land related conflicts and help his people access credit from financial institutions and ease urban planning.

Mr Mayiga added that Buganda Land Board will issue leases of 99 years only under exceptional cases but the mass campaign today is to issue 49-year leases.
“By the time, most of you who apply now may not reach the expiry period of the leases you will have secured. Teach your children to be responsible so that they will be able to make follow-ups on your properties...,” he said.
Mr Mayiga’s comments come at a time of growing calls for his sacking over the controversial ‘Kyapa mu ngalo project’ where critics have said the scheme may undermine the kingdom’s solidarity and legitimacy.


Mengo rejects government plan to seize land for development

According Mr Mayiga, any move intended at taking over people's land for development without due compensation is wrong and it is aimed at creating instability

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