Tuesday, May 23, 2017

#Uganda govt shuts down all telephones to TEST #SimCard - @KagutaMuseveni @StateHouseUg @FrankTumwebazeK

THE COUNTRY IS RUN BY A BUNCH OF THUGS, IDIOTS AND IMBECILES. HOW DO YOU TAKE DOWN ALL COMMUNICATION TO TEST?  MATAKO!  How outrageous can they treat the masses! Then they wonder why investors pack up and exit the country.  I condemn this stupidity in the strongest voice for wasting investors' money, people's time, costing Telecos money and inconveniencing an entire country simply because you are incapable of foregoing nepotism and hiring qualified people to do the right jobs.
Let us hear from all the IT specialists of Ugandan origin about how we could have done this switch or registration in hours half asleep.  I also make give no apologies for my strong language and harsh words. STOP hiring school drop outs!
.... Martha Leah Nangalama
The Government Chief Whip, Ruth Nankabirwa has said the registered SIM cards were switched off in the process of testing the system and the government is not going to apologize to the affected.
Nankabirwa told journalists during a briefing at her office at Parliament that the government has been patient for so long and criminals have been taking the advantage to steal, kill and terrorize the innocent citizens.
“The SIM card registration and switching off non-compliant subscribers has been long overdue. The innocent citizens have on the other side been suffering the wrath of criminals capitalizing on loopholes in the system,” Nankabirwa said.
Telecom companies on Friday last week started switching off the cards not registered using the unique National Identification Number (NIN) which is in the national identity cards. The companies acted on the directives of the Uganda Communications Commission.
Thousands of subscribers, who duly registered and got clearance notifications, have however complained of being switched off by their respective telecom companies.
According to the Government Chief Whip, switching off of the registered subscribers was not a mistake but a deliberate testing of the system.
“The government was serious when we made the extension to 19th May. In the process of testing the system some of the registered customers have also been switched off,” she said.
Nankabirwa added that the government has done nothing wrong and none of the registered switched off subscribers should expect apology.
“There is nothing to warrant apology from the government. Those who were switched off should only wait to be put back on the system.”
President Yoweri Museveni who chaired a special NRM caucus meeting on Monday evening, announced on his official social media account that the registration process has been extended for 3 months.

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