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#Uganda #Education is dead - Rest In Peace

President Yoweri Museveni made a decision 31yrs ago to bastardize education.  He just did not do it out right for it would have pitched the intellectuals against him.  Non...not only the intellectuals.  The civil servants.  The teachers.  The doctors. The village chiefs.  The parents.  Our elders. The tax drivers.  The mukoko ten.  The boda boda.  The street sweepers.  The nurses, engineers, architects and practically even the cows.  He could not have made it obvious. 
For in Uganda, everyone, old and young, educated or not, learned or not, poor or rich; we all believe that education is the best gift one can give a child.  Education builds a nation.  An educated population practices civility.  They are kind to the vulnerable. They feed the nation for they will have learned to grow food and to care for the land.  They were educated by the fruits of the land.  An educated population reads the law and the constitution and fights for it to ensure that the constitution is not bastardized for the few.  
An educated population will put all tools down lest one of their journalists gets beat up by Byandala or a magistrate gets killed or a business man gets shot dead or a business woman gets beat to death by Baguma or the police lay siege on a court house or young stupid brats carry placards saying the IGP is gonna overthrow the president.  Oh, let us cry for the bastardization of the education of the people of our beloved country.
Museveni made education "free" and Ugandans praised him. Easy come easy go!
In 1996 I flew home and stayed for 2.5 months. In the village. I hate Kampala. It is too dusty and noisy and the people are very rude.  Granted, I speak Luganda with hesitation but you do not have to call me a munamawanga just because I am also trying to pay the same price for that pineapple as those others ahead of me who were speaking fluent Luganda.  NOTE TO visitors: Never shop alone. They will rip you off. They even do it to me.  And I am black and Ugandan and speak the languages.  Our people are lethal.
So on our village in Bududa, the people were celebrating and it was not even Christmas day yet.  Free education was starting in 1997.  On this particular trip home, no one was asking me for school fees.  So I also joined in the happy merrying.  Mind you I had just recently "finished" school and gotten a job.  I put "finished" because I kinda dropped out of school but that story has already been written.
So we are sitting under the mango tree with my team (8 kids - always move in a group.  This way, no one can trap you alone) and I have pen and paper. write down the kids whose school fees I was gonna pay come January.  We are waiting and watching. Every kid that comes to take a mango or menvu might be a candidate but we need to know the kid's name and the parents of the kid.  Otherwise you end up paying for kids from other villages.
No one. Nadda.  This was really strange.  So no one was coming to put a name down for school fees?  The people from Bududa know that we are born with responsibility. We must pay school fees for our siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, cousins' cousins, nieces' friends, practically the clan we are born in and the clans related to our clans.  One might as well just fund a whole school.
We are so interconnected it is a beautiful thing.  As a matter of fact, people from Bududa are the kind you meet in an airport like Brussels or Vancouver and you just drop the name and you are home.  "Hey, I am Leah from Bududa"... Then comes the question.  And this question must always be asked. "What are the names of your father and mother?"

If the parents of the total stranger do not ring bells, then the other very very important question. "Who is your grand father?" BANG.  Nama munda ya Weboya.  Home sweet home. By the way, who knows Museveni's grand father and grand mother in Nyabushoga (or is it Rukungiri or Rwakutara?).  Please help us here.  We are drawing the family tree.  Apollo is on the hook.
Where was this story going anyway?
So we leave kyalo with no names of this and that and no kids for fees.  Remember my people had been celebrating.  And it was not because Mzee had done the usual.  The "usual" means every Christmas the old man slaughtered a cow and Jesus camped khu lusha.  We ate and drunk too much plus music.  By the way many kids from Bududa are conceived in December.  Only God knows why.  
The others are conceived every even year in May, Aug and December.  Only Bagisu know the sequence of events. As a matter of fact, kids conceived outside these time frames are an anomaly.  I see all you wanna be Sociologists and Anthropologists rolling up your eyes.  DUH!  Our story is not written in books of mortals.  You must climb Mt. Masaba and drink the waters of Tsutsu or Wanale in order to get it.  Failing that, let your short skinny legs take you to Manafa and the ancestors of Kintu will tell you a tall tale that even Kakungulu dared not write in the antics of Buganda.
There were no kids for school fees because UPE was knocking.  Universal Primary Education.  The scam of all scams. Kumbe IMF and World Bank were imposing austerity as we were getting free education?  Who funded UPE?  Let that donor ask for a report.  Like financial accountability things.  What makes Ugandans think that a bushman had money to give free education?  AND you even failed.  To buy food flasks and pack food for your children!
Do you know there are 75 Ugandan students at York University in Toronto paying International Fees, living in high end condos and driving Beemers?  On State scholarships?  Who funds UPE and USE?  Then who funds the State House exports to Canada for high end education.  We will not even get into UK, US, India and those other useless places.  Canada is it.  Here, you come on a student visa and next thing you know, permanent resident and citizen.

The system is so easy I could cry.  But you need cash.  A lot of it.  How do you get such cash? You wear yellow. Consequently, stay away from students in Canada on government sponsorship.  They are mercenaries.  People die strangely after eating in funny places. not do that even in Uganda.  Some poison takes months.  Museveni is not like Kagame.  He does not send shooters.  He sends lovers.  Do not fall in love if you are an activist or criticize government.  Never fall in love.
I rather preferred to pay school fees for my clan than see them get "free" education.  Is there a relative whose school fees I paid who is currently unemployed?  NON!  But the relatives whose school fees I did not pay and because they got UPE and USE are unemployed.  I am not kidding.  There is free and then there is FREE. I do the latter.  The former is a lie.  So much "free" education and so much unemployment.  Numbers do not lie. 
Criticizing education is a very serious issue.  I have the scars to show for it as I have been at this for 4yrs and counting (on Uganda).  The 2 professors in Uganda media this week who are criticizing education make very brilliant arguments.  I wish you could just read the two stories in Monitor.  
Ugandans must understand that the goal of destroying and bastardizing education was intended to DUMB an entire population.  It was done so well that now we actually have 2 generations of STUPID.  Well, ours and our kids.  We could even have a third generation of STUPID if we do not STOP THE MADNESS!
Where Dr. Milton Obote and Gen. Idi Amin ensured education was accessible to everyone, Museveni took it away by giving it "free".  The school fees under the 2 former goodness, a child from Bududa in Namagunga just like that!  Think about it.
Under former leaders, our parents paid school fees.  Once you got to University or technical college, parents no longer paid school fees.  And you also got all your school supplies, food and accommodation and a monthly stipend.
We are talking about parents using coffee or milk to educate their children.  We are talking about teachers using their salaries to educate their children. Civil servants were paid well and on time and they used their salaries to educate their children.  As a matter of fact, all my older siblings did not pay for university or college. It was free.  And you got a job upon graduation. And we never had any of those fancy graduation parties that costs millions like these days. Which idiot gets a useless piece of paper from Makerere and throws a sh.40M party in Serena hotel only to fly to Dubai the following month to work as a house boy and shag the employer's wife?
So the education in Uganda is broken.  The kids graduate and cannot get jobs.  To the tune of 92%.  Many kids cannot articulate.  They write horribly and hate reading.  Far too many lack basic manners "Yo Leah! Give me da video".
These young people have a lot of potential now that they are on the GRID. But what do they do on the grid? They spread gossip. They display nudes of people.  They abuse and attack total strangers.  And oh man do they ever abuse strangers.  You can go to Bududa SS and do a poll of who never attacked Leah.  Many graduates from that school who were trashing me in 2013 and 2014 did not even know I was the one who had been providing their school supplies.

This is a question of basic manners.  You do not abuse or attack people you do not know. A broken education system produces such ingrats and it then goes into society.  Why do I not pay for school supplies for Bududa schools anymore?  That story has been written already. Corruption. Theft. I gave up.
Uganda education will not improve under President Yoweri Museveni.  Discussing education under him is like pissing in the wind.  But we will send Museveni off soon and return to basics.  Basics like teaching. Paying teachers well and on time.  Paying civil servants in the ministry of education so they can stop stealing education funds.  Paying professors well and putting policies in place like no sex for marks.  Putting a PhD holder and experienced teacher as the Minister for education.  Free University and College Education. Vocational schools too.  Returning all the stolen land to the people.  
Some of you better start packing your buveera because we are kicking you back to wherever you came from. Kicking pigs out of parliament.  A degree or certificate does not make a person.  As a matter of fact my papa Kibeti is one of the most intelligent men in the world and he did not go far in school.  He is heart smart.  Emotional Intelligence.  So the leaders who lied about their qualifications should recuse themselves.  Wetongola finished A-Level in December 2016 and got a 2yr Diploma from MUBs on May 26, 2017. What the FREAK?
TO BE Continued.
Martha Leah Nangalama

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