Monday, May 29, 2017

#Uganda #DottServices was not re-instated by @KagutaMuseveni @UNRA_UG

I shared an article from The Observer that President Yoweri Museveni had reversed his decision banning Dott Services so that this company could now get contracts from UNRA for road construction.

Please consider this as a public apology.

I shared The Observer article because I have no doubt that they lied.  In fact, their informers might also be my informers.

In media, we make mistakes and we apologize when we are corrected.  UNRA is on Twitter telling me there was no such a deal.  All my Tweets, reTweets and what I share myself are written in a spreadsheet on Google Drive.

I was a bit surprised that UNRA came out saying it was not true but Observer hardly ever publishes lies and while I live in Canada, I also ensure to check with contacts in Uganda so on this one, I do not understand how Observer failed and I failed.

Dott Services was rightly banned because their shoddy work on roads has caused many deaths.  At the same time, you must know that Gen. Salim Saleh owns 45% of Dott Services.  He is the younger brother to our president Museveni.  He gets away with a lot and on this one, keep watching.

Why Dott Services will never get banned from major contracts is because the majority shareholder is Indian and Indians have been in Uganda longer than the Chinese.  It has become very easy to steal via Chinese companies and you can only recall the dams but when it comes to Indians, they screw up sometimes but they are vested in Uganda.  Perhaps they just need good project managers.

This apology is half hearted becacuse I am 98% sure that Dott will be back and you will all go eat a monkey.  Dott is not going anywhere and the best we can do is to work with them to provide accountability and build better roads now that they are in the lime light.  It could work and sometimes all we need are customers who say ENOUGH.  Even if you choose a Chinese firm to do the work and do not demand for accountability, you will end up at where you started off.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Not a Road engineer but IT is close enough.

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