Saturday, May 20, 2017

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Today was a strange day.  Kept checking with Ugandans still had their phones working.

Registered and None registered Sim Cards were still working at 4:00AM AST (Atlantic Standard Time, Halifax time) which was 10:00AM in Uganda.

Two hours later, phones stopped falling off the grid. Imagine even people who had registered saw their phones lose service.

The incomptence from Nepotism and hiring un qualified people for jobs will keeo byting Uganda.

So registered or not, people were at the mercy of our gods.

Some Ugandans joked that the machine which had been bought to unregister phones had malfunctioned.  What a bloody joke!  It is only a piece of code and no machine.

This is where Facebook will run into issues with their $170M investment in Uganda.  Some 60% of Ugandans did not register. Given that there are 14 million Ugandans on the Internet and mostky on phones, it translates into a loss of 8.4 million off the grid.  Not even accounting for those who registered and still had their phones denied service.

This is a catastrophe of immense proportion.  Exactly how does Uganda expect investors to put money in their ICT when in one day on the whims of one arrogant man they lose a 60% market?

Kenya is imperfect but Uhuru is on record for saying Kenya only hires people who are qualified for the job unlike Uganda.  How do you an illiterate in IT and make it Minister of UCT?

Frank Tumwebaze even breached Parliament's order to extend the registration by a year.  He took Political Scuence for crying out loud!

Let us watch all the Telcos who traited Ugandans and shut off phones bleed through cash.  The Telcos have stood together and refused.  After all, is govt your biggest client pool?

Martha Leah Nangalama

IT, Business background with years in Telephony.

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year.  Since your phone will soon be dead and goodluck attracting Investors.

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