Friday, May 5, 2017

#Uganda Civil Society, Religious leaders are useless @IGPUganda @aKasingye

Watching the Monitor video of the suspects in the Kaweesi assassination limping to court after the brutal torture in the Nalufenya dumgeon made many of us shed tears.

You could see that none of them were capable of holding a high end assault gun and ride on boda boda and shoot precisely.

Kayihura hires well trained assassins to kill high profile people and then scrambles and arrests our children and tortures them to exact confessions to appease the public and our leaders remain mute.  How can you let such injustice prevail?

Who will mourn for you when they come for you next?  And if not for you, your relative or friend will be framed and get tortured and you will see why silence in the face of injustice is never good.

The consesus from most Ugandans is that Kayihura was behind that assassination.

I have tried to defend that man as I do not think he was not the one but analysing the other high profile assassinations, I am now also thinking that the IGP may have been behind this assassination.  He makes no sense when he picks up totally innocent people.  He might as well say he also was taken by surprise.

The Muslim community is joking when they think going after them is over.  Most of those suspects are Moslems just like the group which was arrested and paraded for the Masaka panga crimes.

Meanwhile the Kasese ones who are also languishing in Nalufenya also see no one cry out for the injustice.

Of course we still have Stella in jail.  To make matters worse now the kids are going to be made to read a book about how to become rebels and terrorise the nation.  Have you lost your minds?

Even Mama Fina got over her hubby's death and got married to another Hajji (the next one going down). And what of Prosecutor Joan Kagezi?

You let a murderer like Desh walk free and imprison and torture totally innocent young people!

Where is Pastor Ngabo when we need lightning to strike some people?  Must we turn to God and ask Him to send another plague or turn your rivers and lakes into blood so that you hear our voices and drink the blood of our people who you kill with impunity?

You are pushing us to the Point of No Return and I fear what will happen next.  You just wait till the season of termites ends and we even eat up all the army worms.

Some of you have ranches of cows and farms with goats.  We will know where to go foraging for food next.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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