Sunday, May 7, 2017

#Uganda aiding #Egypt to attack #Ethiopia

As it has been the norm with dictator Museveni, fighting since 1986 and awarding himself the title of Ssabalwanyi , Uganda may find itself fighting for regime survival. The government of Uganda has agreed to help Egypt to attack Ethiopia using Uganda as an Egyptian base to strike Addis Ababa.

The trigger point comes from the waters of the Nile River where Ethiopia plans to reduce water for Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and greatly affect Cairo. Ethiopia has built a $6.5 billion state of art dam named the Great Renaissance Reservior Dam (GERD), formerly called the Great Millennium Dam (GMD). This dam is the best built on the African continent. Egyptian generals have traveled to Uganda and after meeting with dictator Museveni, they went back through Sudan and possibly surveying the GERD (GMD) in Ethiopia.

Egyptian government has heavily opposed the dam deal which could reduce its share of Nile water to Egypt. The 1929 colonial treaty, gave the majority rights of water to the Egyptians . Among the African countries opposed to Ethiopia's building of the dam is Uganda.

The Egyptian government appealed to the Obama and UK governments to stop Ethiopia from building the dam, but Ethiopia could have none of it. The Israel government's support of Ethiopia to build the dam, has complicated the matters. Uganda has decided to give Egyptian government bases. Ugandans have no idea what Ssabalwanyi has in store for the country. After suffering heavy losses of UPDF soldiers in South Sudan, now its time to find a new enemy and that is Ethiopia.

Banus Museveni please take your wars back to Rwanda, enough is enough. Why are you asking the  WHO instead of the WHAT? Now you know why we are asking the WHO.



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