Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Toli mwaavu; mutwe gwo - #Uganda Business Ideas Part 4

What is stopping you series? Part 4
Mbu Tusaba Government Etuyambe!
I know many people will say this guy can talk or yap what has he done for himself to Learn from him.
Well my story of how I joined goats farming.
In 2014, I received a phone call from my young brother in the village that a neighbour was selling off his goat to take his kid to school, I asked how much? He said 70k I walked out of office without questioning and sent him mobile money, that Goat after 5 months gave birth to two kids, I was filled with joy, I asked if the same person can sell us another got the old man sold to me more 2 female goats, now the number was 5 goats
All the 3 female goats became pregnant and produced all around the same month two kids each, my number had risen to 11 goats with in one year by 2015.
Like I said my previous post, your network is your net worth, I contacted a friend Aggrey who is working at Send A cow to connect to someone with good breed of male goat, he gave a contact of Makerere University, the doctor I think works in veterinary department got for a male boar cross breed from Mubende at 600k, but still young, because it was determined the cost wasn't an issue.
With the Boar, he goat around didn't imagine that by end of 2016 in period of 4 years the number would rise to 120 goats and are still counting.
My first customer inboxed in December last year who bought a he goat at 350k if I can recall well. Transaction was done on line, she inboxed me, sent the money I gave her the contact of the farm manager and as I share this story she now has 15 goats sold 3 at 200k each recently.
Like any business goats farming is not an easy business in this country especially with limited access to veterinary services, many farmers are suffering including myself lose young kids every day but that wouldn't stop me.
Secondly the market is not stable, when you go to a butcher goats’ meat is at 15k however when these traders come to your farm they want to pay between 80k to 100k, I would advise those who want to venture into this trade always identify people who are buying for rearing, these will give you the amount reasonable to make profits.
I have shared here is not to brag or show the entire world Mbu I have goats because people like Sembeguya Estates have 100,000 goats plus on Sembale district but to show you that as young generation, you don't need a lot of money since with 70k in 4 years I have been able to get these goats or venture into agriculture but just change your mind set and celebrate at every harvest season.
The market for goats’ meat especially from the Arab world is big but Uganda doesn't have goats to sustain the demand.
Try it today and you will tell your story in future.

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