Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Toli mwaavu; mutwe gwo - #Uganda Business Ideas Part 3

What is stopping you series? Part 3
Mbu Tusaba Government Etuyambe.
"Your network is your net worth"
Those who stay in Kulambiro Kasana might have come across a young man who sells cassava, pancakes and has retail shop. Always humble with a smile as he is serving you on your way to work or from work in the evening.
Two years ago, I used to stay in this neighbourhood, where this young man in his early 20s was operating from. He wakes up at 4am daily and heads to Kalerwe to buy cassava which is normally ready by 6am on the daily basis Monday to Sunday.
Most residents in this semi posh neighbourhood park their cars to buy groceries, and Cassava from this young man almost every day.
On Saturday evenings, we would meet at his shop have normal talk, until one day I showed him pictures of my goats’ farm. He was inspired then he opened up to me, Munange nange nina ka project kange e Kitezi (my friend I also have my small project in Kitezi -Gayaza Road).
So, one Sunday evening we jumped on the same boda boda with him and headed to Kitezi to visit his site.
OMG I couldn't believe what I looking at, this young man was constructing a two-bedroomed house, he had rentals with 4 units sitting room and bedroom and took me to another plot of land he was still paying for 50x100....I looked at myself employed, good job renting and nothing I had achieved as compared to this young man probably who didn't complete even O-Level.
I was challenged because the level of discipline this young man had when it came to financial management even Harvard University may not give it to you. Because day before I had gone to Javas Kla opposite post office I spent 80k for two plates of food, yet here I am with this young man who has never entered Javas humbling showing me his dream.
Up to day Sam has been an inspiration in my life, we are going to have another meeting in two weeks’ time for another visit and compare notes.
Where I stay, we have 4 Toyota Harrier parked even as I post this, one particular car UAZ is normally parked in this compound for a month because the owner works up country and uses a company car.
The average price for these vehicles is between 27 to 35 million parked at rented apartment.
A plot of land in Bulindo Kira which is now an upcoming posh residential area is 25m to 30 depending on the size but that's for 50×100 plot.
A vehicle that's is parted at your home for a month is not gaining value to losing value every passing hour but if the neighbour of mine had bought a piece of land for the past one year since he bought this vehicle, this land would have appreciated from 30m to about 45m or 50m as of today.
Friends am not saying those who own vehicles are fools no why would a family in rented house own 2 vehicles one for Husband and the other for the wife, paying rent of 1million per month?
Guys this is not a wise investment decision even if you want to a "Live your life there will come a time when life will Leave you" when you lose that job.
Car is an expense that you can't avoid on daily basis. Many will disagree and say Totukuba nakuyo but will pay rent for the next 5 years and will continue buy food including Vegetables all that time.
My workmate told me a story 7 years ago when he was building his residential home, he entered the house when there were just window frames with no glasses and a cemented floor, one day a friend of his wife came to visit them and said to his wife "How can you accept to stay in such shark?" Me I can't dare sleep in this structure.
7 years later this workmate completed his house, he built one in the village and recently showed me an artistic impression for the remodificaton of flat they are going to build.
However, this family friend and her family are still tenants even the plot they had bought was taken over by money lenders last year. ...sad but a true story.
If you to enjoy the life you dream about start to sacrifice now so that success stories will be shared about to you.
It doesn't matter how much you have but it's your mind set that will change your life.
Below is Sam's two bedroomed house.

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