Monday, May 29, 2017

Tiny #Uganda with a wealth of dictators

If we are to be relevant, we must act like we own a nation but not live our lives as if we rent a country from somebody. For some reasons, we are more known for manufacturing dictators than developing our country.
Uganda is most known about the late Idi Amin and over thirty years now Uganda is most known by Yoweri Kaguta Museveni's overstay and dictatorship, and endless sufferings in the Great Lakes Region. Amazingly now Uganda has added another milestone to its achievements and that is inventing the word BODA-BODA and according to most accounts boda-boda is in the world dictionary now.
Our country is famous worldwide for the wrong reasons and its time we changed this. Why should we support a government that its leader goes abroad to look for jobs of baby sitting and house cleaning for our graduates? Which other government do you know of, that has spent over $130,000 on presidential expenses to travel abroad to solicit such jobs for its best and brightest to do household work?
After his trip from Qatar, Museveni was given a hero’s welcome with a red carpet for a job well done. The last time we know of, Africans were forced into slavery by Europeans and Arabs but now African leaders go back to the same Europeans and Arabs to solicit African slavery back into modern slavery aboard presidential jets.
How did we get here and why are in such a situation? Forget Pan-Africanism and all this East African integration because it will never be realized if we cannot put our house in order first. Charity begins home and if this is the best our visionary leader can do, we as a nation are in deep trouble.  Sadly, young Ugandans that you may expect to know better are supporting this type of leadership in Uganda.
We need to look deeper into our souls and come up with a better solution of why Uganda is always known for the wrong reasons. Most Ugandans especially the youth admire Tamale Mirundi who is given endless appearances on TVs displaying his drunkenness and many of our young children want to grow up and be like Tamale Mirundi.
Museveni got into power through chaos and he has ruled the country through chaos as witnessed in Kampala, the African capital city of chaos.
Nathan Span

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