Sunday, May 28, 2017

The Hassle is real - dogs have come to #Uganda

The hassle has got very real in this pothole capital of the world.
Maybe, I should blame what I do for a living. The fact is, money has got lost. That's the Ugandan way of saying cash is hard to come by. May-be I should speak for myself since I live in a country where the gap between the haves and have-nots is extremely wide.
While one family is struggling to buy a kilo of sugar at Shs 7,000, the neighbour is banking millions via the bulk teller section. You know you have arrived when the bulk tellers and bank manager know you by name. That is one of my goals. To imagine there was a time when a kilo of sugar cost Shs 500!
Now sugar in many households is left only for the children. After all, it is even not good for our health. The number of people walking with low sugar levels has definitely gone higher. Suddenly, the price of milk went from Shs 2,500 to Shs 3,000 a litre.
Is there a connection between milk and sugar? Because the last time I checked they did not put sugar in basic milk pints. What went wrong?
"The country went to the dogs," they say.
I am a firm believer in the school of thought that the dogs came to the country. Life has become so expensive that perhaps we can afford to pay attention.
That fact is also contestable. How do you explain the failure to pay attention to the Sim card re-registration dates? Call it defiance, if you want. How can you defy something that is no longer a luxury, but a money-making tool?
Woe betides anyone if you are trying to sell anything. A friend and I have been trying to sell a car, but our success rate has been really low. In fact, we have successfully failed. All we have got were tire kickers.
Why do people here kick car tires, especially if it is up for sale? Do they expect the tires to burst so they don't pay, or they want the car to fight back? Anyway, they came, kicked and left.
We dropped the price from Shs 10 million to eight, but we are still struggling. Imagine someone accepting to make a loss of about Shs 3 million, but gets no buyers! The economy is bad. Whoever has a little money is hanging onto it waiting for a better day.
For the same reason, we are recalling our machine from the market. It has been kicked enough. We have extended its sell-by date till further notice. After all, it is even not good for our health. The number of people walking with low sugar levels.

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