Saturday, May 20, 2017

Plagiarism is theft and criminal #Uganda

For 3 months I have been telling Ugandans to stop plagiarising and they still do it.  Plagiarism is Theft.

When I used to write the Business Column, I caught Uganda News sites taking my business reports and told them to cease and desist. I of course hired a lawyer in Kampala. No one in Uganda can analyse markets and oil like me so it was a slum dunk.
Besides the news site, I also manage 2 blogs.  Now people steal from these blogs.

I just shut down because it is the one which has Intel reports that Ugandans pretend they wrote including journalists. 

I will not hestitate to shut down the Nangalama blog.

Then all articles will be on if you plagiarise from it, I will disable copying. It is only one setting.

No one is asking you to pay for anything. Always give credit to the source instead of pretending you wrote the story.

We live in an IT world where everything you plaguarised will be found on the Internet by the original writer or publisher. 

Play smart.  We are in this together and plagiarism must be condemned in the strongest terms.  It is not a shock to read a story by Bloomberg indicating that AP is the source.  This is how News reporting works.  As much as you like what you are reading, here is the source.  Then many readers will go to the source and the source will be rewarded with more traffic and not demand that you pay them because you just gave them more readers.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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