Wednesday, May 17, 2017

#Plagiarims is #Theft - #Uganda #Activists & #Journalists must stop stealing other people's work

Apparently, imitation is the best way of adoration.  No one even asks to be paid for anything you lift off the Internet.  Always indicate the source.

In this age of the Internet, you steal someone's article and it will become public.  As public as you have no idea.

There is something in media that you need to know.  All News Reporters and Media houses share stories from other sources.  You will be on Reuters and the story will end up with "AP published".

Or you will read something on a news site that will end with "The Observer" OR "Daily Monitor". No serious journalist or news reporter lifts stories off the Internet and does not mention the source.

But apparently in Uganda it is perfectly normal to steal other people's work and make it your own. Try "Uganda Shilling, Oil and Global Market Report" and some hopeless site in Uganda is posting it as their own.  President Yoweri Museveni is not a thief.  Ugandans are thieves.  When you steal a story from someone and make it your own, you likely just committed the biggest crime in life.  What is even worse is media houses pick up your posts and then indicate that you are the source.  SERIOUSLY?  Uganda media must get serious.   If the post you are lifting from does not indicate the source or author, they likely stole it. 

In this age where everyone is connected, when you plagiarize, you will look like the thief that you are and you will never regain your integrity.  

This blog is up for sale.  If you like what they write, show them money.  The information will still go out and we will never say we wrote it.  We always end all our articles with "Change of Guards Blog".

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