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Past #Uganda army officers were not robbers - @UPDFSpokesman @KagutaMuseveni @StateHouseUg

On March 26, 2015, online daily reported that the army was searching for Capt. Mushabe Peter over alleged armed robberies that have rocked the country in recent months. It was an additional reporting that had earlier been brought to the public domain by The Red Pepper which had alleged that Capt. Mushabe was operating together with a few other army officers and an army General. The army Spokesperson in an interview confirmed the development saying that Capt. Mushabe who was the In-charge of Control Room at military Intelligence headquarters (CMI) was being sought by military intelligence and Police operatives over a spate of robberies but denied the involvement of a General.
Past incidents robberies by army officers
For the first time in the history of the army in Uganda, it is only in Museveni's NRA that a commissioned officer (2lt and above) have been involved in robbery. It started in the late 80s with the likes of Lt Col Drago Nyanzi, Maj Kigundu, and a few others who would out rightly rob, mastermind robberies and hire out arms to robbers. At the time the regime described them as uneducated Baganda lumpen officers. Later the vice extended to the likes of Col Mawa Dula, Capt. Kabusenene, Maj Sam Mwesigwa, Lt Col Segamwenge together with a couple of other junior officers but the regime kept a blind eye and instead would elevate their status in terms of rank and assignment.
Who is Capt. Mushabe
He hails from Nyabushozi and is intelligence and courageous in his mid late 30s. He was formerly a driver to Gen Aronda when he was the D/DMI in the early 90s. He was selected for a short course in the late 90s on operating special vehicles mounted with combat communication gadget called Direction Finder (DF). The computerised equipment was under CMI and attached to 4th Division in Gulu as a project to intercept enemy communication and movements. The gathered technical intelligence would assist both ground troops and air power in easily locating the enemy.
Mushabe whose education level is of primary school was at the time at the rank of Corporal. He was briefly detained by CMI after he committed murder of civilians around Old Kampala. Because he enjoyed the personal protection of Col Charles Tusiime, the matter was swept under the carpet. Instead he was sent for a short cadet course that saw him get commissioned to the rank of Lt. Since then he has risen through the ranks to become a Captain under CMI. At the height of the Reform Agenda/Dr. Besigye persecution, then Corporal Mushabe was blacklisted for close scrutiny by CMI owing to the fact that he is a relative of Winnie Byanyima the wife to Dr. Besigye but was later cleared.
The current reports that Capt. Mushabe is behind nationwide armed robberies involving a General should rise more questions than answers. The last time a military General was implicated in robbery it was Museveni's half brother Gen Saleh who used junior army officers to rob DRC coffee transiting through Uganda to Mombasa in Kenya. The army is just being shy to admit that Captain Mushabe saga is more than robbery. Remember the army described the last attack on Mbuya barracks as attempted robbery. As for the General who is implicated, your guess is as good as mine.

First published on Change of Guards blog on March 30, 2015

UPDF Pursue Captain over Armed Robberies |

Army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda says Capt Mushabe will face the full wrath of the law The UPDF are hunting down an army officer at the rank of Captain over alleged involvement in armed robberies that have rocked Uganda in recent months, Chimp Corps report.

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