Saturday, May 13, 2017

Open letter to NRM supporters - National Robbers' Movement #Uganda

Last week of March, a friend told me to pray for Uganda.  I told him that he was an Idiot and we have prayed for too long and we are still hungr and sick and Jesus is not coming soon to liberate us.

He then ignored the STUPID and sent me a picture we all now know.  It got me totally messed up.  This guy was telling me to pray then sends a picture of men bowing down in blood.  He might have meant guns but I blocked him because his utterances of praying for Uganda were misplaced.

I unblocked him 3 weeks later and asked him about praying and assassinations.  His reply "eithrr prayers or guns or both".

I hate violence with a passion.  So he is now blocked in like FOREVER.

Do you feel safe?  Do not feel safe.

Uganda regime kills their own.  If you do not believe me, ask Kazini, Mayombo and Aronda.

I watch you all going around singing #MuseveniPakalast and then wonder if you read at all.

Yesterday it came to our attention that the Kamwenge mayor was tortured to near death.  Did you know that he is NRM forever?

Then some of you who cross from left to right and back think you are safe!

I have a list of some of you who are going to follow in Aronda's path.  I think you know who you are.  President Yoweri Museveni never forgives or forgets.  He kills his own family members.  I dare you to ask David Muhoozi who killed his biological mother Hope. Keep in mind that Aronda is related to Museveni.

Then we see the sheep like those witches in Kampala.  They are making Kampala un livable and hard for investors.  Extrapolate.

No one is safe under the NRM regime.  I will keep posting about all the murders of your people.  Why did no one fight for Joan Kagezi and now you fight for Felix Kaweesi?

Martha Leah Nangalama

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