Saturday, May 13, 2017

Open letter to JPAM - #Uganda @AmamaMbabazi @FDCOfficial1 @KizzaBesigye1 @KagutaMuseveni @DailyMonitor


Mulembe naabi.

Tsinakhu tsino wasila naabi.  Not that you ever even talked. Ne wanyala byosi byesi ukhola.  Wanyala khukhuwonesa umuyindi uyo.  Nawulire ini ni banyarwanda bamurusilekho tsi banks tsewe.

The reason why I write about you is to annoy President Yoweri Museveni.  I do a pretty good job of it but I think he knows my tricks so he never reacts.  I have written to him many letters but he never writes back.  I hope he drinks all the ecpensive sugar and flies to Canada for his diabetes.

I also write about you to annoy my frenemies in FDC. This group gets on my nerves a lot.  So we had a massacre in Kasese and they were flooding my inbox with pictures of Elected People's President Dr. Kizza Besigye in Mbale apparently to mobilize.  But it was the people in Kasese who were being slaughtered!  Priorities. These guys built their party on one man. Must Besigye be the fall guy?  Always!  And they hate Gen. Mugisha Muntu which I find irritating.

Where was I even going with this story?

Aha!  Daily Monitor ran a story that Mama Jacqueline was funded to the tune of sh.470M for Medical Treatment. I am starting to doubt Monitor. They need to bring back great journalists like Dr. Tamale Mirundi, Dr. Andrew Mwenda and the likes of Chris Obore, Linda Nabusayi and Onyango Obbo.  Those were the good days when journalists stood up for us common folk.  I do not know what happened to that Mugisu Wanyama.  "Wandyako enyama, tabala offe".

So the Monitor article about the money.  It got FDC die hards saying they always knew you are NRM.  Just ignore them because they say the same about Mugisha Muntu and Besigye.

I think you should write a book.  Use a ghost writer if you do not want to write it yourself.  I even came up with a title for it.

Amama Mbabazi, Chief Architect of NRM.

Many of these mugati kids do not know that you were the architect of NRM and the main fubdraiser for the money.  Ugandans must thank you.  Do you know that your efforts saved NRM from stealing chicken and cassava and eating monkeys in the bush?  But you settled in Nairobi and did your thing. I miss Nairobi though.

So sh.470M is considered a favour from your frenemie?  Damn!  Because it is pocket change.  Our people even think that sh.50k justifies abusing total strangers on Social Media. I was even once told that I am a malaya working on the streets of Winnipeg Manitoba and had divorced Daniel Nangalama to go be a hooker.  There was a flaw in that theory because Dan Nangalama is my father andI never divorced him. En plus, I have never lived in Winnipeg. But it has the main Canada virology lab where Ebola medication was invented.  To treat Ugandans who eat monkeys.

Something is terribly broken in Uganda. I used yo think it was only the mugati kids but now know that even syndicated media confuse the masses.  Where is journalist integrity?  Is this the country we want for our kids and grand kids?  A population in slumber!

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada born in Bududa. That hospital is a death trap.

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