Thursday, May 11, 2017

#Muslim persecution #Uganda police hands over 13 out of the 15 kids for #Kaweesi murder - @IGPUganda @aKasingye @StateHouseUg @KagutaMuseveni @BBC @AlJazeera @WSJ @Sputnik @EUAmbSchmidt @USAmbUganda ‏@KenRoth

First of all, thank you to Uganda police for handing over the 13 children. Your lies are now egg white on your faces. Perhaps you think we do not pay attention.  You claim that the mothers of the children were missing since March 12, 2017.  Do we look stupid to you?  
You arrested their father and their mothers.  Then arrested the children like the chicken and cassava thieves that you are.  You then denied that you did not have the children.  You then had the children.  You then refused to release them as you had promised the day one of your spokesman was in the media - see the video.  Then you came up with human trafficking.  Thank you for listening to reason.
You owe the public and the whole world an explanation for why you arrested mothers of children, then the children and then since you are a bunch of liars, you have been contradicting yourselves big time.  We are waiting for the 2 remaining children you are holding onto.  Today or tomorrow.  Then we shall move onto #Kasese. 
Thank you. I am a parent too. 
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Thirteen children out of 15 have been handed over to their parents by Naggalama Police.
The children who have been under police custody since March 21 were given to their parents by Commissioner of police in charge of human trafficking Moses Binoga and Kampala metropolitan Police spokesman, Emilian Kayima.
According to Police the mothers of the two children have been absent so they are organizing to take them home.
The children were picked by police from the home of Abdu Rashid Mbaziira a suspect in the murder of the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi his driver and a body guard. The suspects are on remand at Luzira Prison.

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