Saturday, May 13, 2017

#Museveni: #Uganda police infilitrated by criminals @IgpUganda @aKasingye @PoliceUg @TourismUganda @USambUganda @EuAmbScmidt

DECRYPTING M7 STATEMENT "The police has been infiltrated by criminals".

By Rabba Naga

A president of a country can’t utter such words then renew a contract of the same police chief who is OVERSEEING this infiltration.

Who did Museveni have in mind? Have you tried to figure this out?
Was he referring to the slain Kaweesi and his group and others still at large? If this be the case, was the Kaweesi killing a state execution? 

Are the people then we see being rounded up the perceived members of the Kaweesi network? If you consider the brutality with which these arrests are being carried out and the government's willingness to put it out there for all of us see? Why? To frighten all those who know something?

If this be the case, then we shall see more executions, even in the security services as the country goes down.

Brace for the worst. Like they say, you ain't seen nothing yet brother/sister!!

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