Thursday, May 25, 2017

#Museveni should stop fooling #Ugandans into #SimCardRegistration

Talking about the WHO instead of the WHAT, this is exactly why the dictator was trying to muddy the waters when he was interviewed by the Qatar reporter.  Dictator Museveni is determined to keep the WHO to stay as a life president.
Now he has forced all Ugandan smartphone owners to register their SIM CARDS and poor Ugandans think that, this is done for their security reasons. It's far from the truth. The truth is that this military regime is forcing smartphone owners to register their SIM cards, so that Museveni guarantees his job security until death do us apart. The main purpose of a SIM CARD is to provide vital information of the owner of the smartphone and his/her daily activities and what type of information the phone user is involved in.
The reason dictator M7 gave of cracking down on criminals is just phony and bogus. Once the user is identified, the government can track that individual down through his/her network carrier and hell could rain on that individual in Nalufenya. Most of the hardcore criminals are state sanctioned and mostly do not use smartphones in the commission of a crime. The recent wave of killings in Masaka, the government has no idea who committed such horrific crimes.
Uganda has so many universities and most of them have IT, and Computer Engineering departments but I doubt if any of the university professors were ever asked to appear on any TV Program to explain the function of a SIM card registration but they have this self named Museveni's dog Tamale Mirundi talking nonsense.
Ruth Nankabirwa lied to the people that the reason why some of the SIM card registrants' phones were switched off was to test and make sure that the registration exercise was a success. What she failed to inform the general public was that most government officials did not register their SIM cards. Dictator Museveni would do whatever he can get away with in order to die in power including killings.
Remember the 85 Ugandans that lost their lives in bombings while watching soccer tournaments? Museveni supporters jumped on the opportunity to register their SIM cards and were all over social media encouraging people to register as it's very important to do so in order to prevent crimes. The only crime SIM card registration could do is to track down those not in line with the government. Things that make me go huuuuu.

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