Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Makerere students abused @FrankGashumba, @AndrewMwenda #Uganda

One thing President Yoweri Museveni did rather well was to bastardize education.  When university graduates cannot read or write or articulate and lack critical thinking all hope is lost.

To this day I believe that solid education is the foundation for a working state.

I watched Makerere students yell Frank Gashumba out of their Ivory Tower.  They claimed he had no degree from MUK.  They also said his kid Sheila who was 18yrs old that time dared address them while sitting.

Sitting or standing, it is the message that counts.  I do most of my presentations sitting down.

Gashumba left them a message "you are wild dogs on campus".

Then the man I love to hate said "Uganda universities must teach Critical Thinking".

The same Ivory Tower kids went after Andrew Mwenda who holds a PhD from Stanford University (ranked 6th in the world).

One kawala said "Oxford, Cambridge, Havard and MIT do not demand courses in Critical Thinking".  It is because they do not to teach those courses.

After MUK had shamed Gashumba and Mwenda...3 weeks, they stoned David Ojok to death and bragged about it on Facebook.

Maybe they need Critical Thinking.

As I write this, Makerere was closed for 2.5mths and no tuition was refunded.  Their grades and transcripts were monkeyed with.

They are also the same ones being sold into slavery to Arabs.

Many have trashed Gashumba and Mwenda on Social Media.  Of course me too but I am not done with them yet.

Some 92% of Uganda University graduates take 7 to 12 years to get a low paying job.

Frank Gashumba could employee them.  Andrew Mwenda could teach them to write and use Critical Thinking.  I could teach them about justice and that justice must never be selective.

Do you see the 3 of us digging for termites or committing suicide because we cannot feed our kids?

Until you wake up, we shall be in your faces.  Sisimuka.  Your opinions do not pay our bills.

Information you might hate but could use.

Martha Leah Nangalama

University of Toronto was ranked 19th in the world.

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