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Like Amini's Bishop Luwuum, Musevebi captives attempeted to over power guards - #Uganda @KagutaMuseveni @USAmbUganda @IGPUganda @EuAmbSchmidt @AlJazeera @BBC @Sputnik @Potus @JustinTrudeau

On 16th February 1977 Uganda's military ruler Gen. Iddi Amin paraded the Anglican Archbishop, Janan Luwuum and two other cabinet Ministers whom he accused of plotting to overthrow his government. That evening, Radio Uganda and Uganda Television aired news that the three had died in a motor accident.

The statement went further to claim that while the three were being driven back to their respective residences, they attempted to overpower the driver, Sgt. Moses Okello and during the scuffle their car had a head on collision with another incoming vehicle. Footages of the wreckage of the Range Rover vehicle at the scene of accident near present day Sheraton Hotel were shown.  Also on display was an injured driver, Sgt. Moses Okello being interviewed by foreign Journalists as he recovered at Mbuya Military Hospital. After the overthrow of Iddi Amin Okello fled to Sudan and lived around Torit town before relocating to the capital, Juba in recent years. It is widely believed that the Amin regime persecuted Acholis in the army but here is Okello, an Acholi at the center of Bishop Luwuum's death.

It is widely believed that the dead bodies of the three victims had been riddled with bullets. The rest is history. Many years later on 5th April 2017 the MUSEVENI'S regime kidnapped a one Godfrey Byamukama in Kampala and held him incommunicado as he underwent severe physical torture.

Byamukama who is the LC III Chairman of Kamwenge Town Council and the Kamwenge District NRM Chairman was accused of murdering Andrew Kaweesi. His wife approached the Kibaale Member of Parliament who used to be a cabinet Minister to pester the Police for Byamulama's whereabouts.

The police acknowledged holding him but were evasive over torture. claims.  The Police Spokesman had this to say on the 19th April 2017; "I don't know about it.  I am reading it from the papers.

The IGP is going to address the issue.  He will tell you who has been arrested and all those questions will be entertained in that brief". The wife went further to disclose that her husband was detained in an undisclosed hospital with serious torture wounds and was under tight guard by soldiers.

Just yesterday pictures of a rotting Byamukama went viral on social media claiming that he was being detained at Nakasero Hospital - privately owned by Dr. Mbonye the former PS Ministry of Defence and MUSEVENI'S close confidant. The regime is accusing a one Dr. Okumu who works at the same facility for taking the photos and posting them.

Though Dr. Okumu will face terrorism charges but to most Ugandans heis a Hero. Like had been the case with Archbishop Luwuum during the Iddi Amin regime, the Museveni regime has now come out to claim that Byamukama attempted to overpower his arresting officers. ".... after the arrest two of our officers and the suspect got involved in a scuffle on theway to Jinja after Byamukama realised that he was not going to be taken to police headquarters as earlier informed at the point of arrest. The suspect sustained superficial injuries in the process, which were aggravated by the medical condition which we can not divulge here."

The nature of wounds sustained by Byamukama are reminiscent of the traditional torture style by MUSEVENI'S men commonly referred to as 'removing the Quarter Pin' from the ankles to disable the victim. On 5th May 2017 13 suspects told court that they were being tortured by police at Nalufenya illegal detention facility.

They displayed body marks of physical torture but the Magistrate was not of any help. The police described their claims as baseless thus; ".....other suspects were found with old healed wounds that were obviously sustained before admission into our facility."

Around mid February the Police arrested a one Abdul Mbaziira together with his two wives allegedly in connection with the murder of Kaweesi. Six days later, the two wives were released without charges but upon return home they found their 12 children having been kidnapped by Police.

When the mothers made a follow up they were told by the police to forget about the children but to instead remarry and give birth to other children. For 49 days the police continued to hold the 12 children with the youngest being two years old in an undisclosed location.  Police  gave this statement; "....the children are in our facilities.  We rounded them up because their parents had been arrested and we could not leave them just like that." 

Oh Uganda, May God Uphold thee.


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