Monday, May 1, 2017

Let @Fox's fall from grace be a learning moment for employees and employers #Demographics

Our children live in a Global Village.  Bill O'Reilly thought he was irreplaceable with his bigotry.  He was sent off.

Mr. Shine who was the boss for Bill O'Reilly never reigned in the bigotry and now he has also resigned.

Employees are just numbers in an org chart and my 002430 employee ID can be assigned to someone anytime.

Managers who do not think that the work their employees do reflects on them make a grave mistake. It does as now you can see from the Fox.

If managers take a hands off approach saying their employee was the one who did it, they will soon find themselves out of their job.

Good managers take responsibility for all the faults of their employees.  They also give their employees credit for work done.

Many people hate Exxonmobil but this is one company that makes managers and supervisors take all the blame for the work done by their teams.  AND makes them give credit to their teams.

When you lose advertising from Mercedes and BMW, you will likely soon lose Adidas and Nike.  Main reason being that these companies are always forward looking.  They work with demographics.  They know the kids who wanna drive Mercedes and BMW wear Adidas and Nike for their sports and play on Yamaha pianos.  Just one of these companies terminating Advertising with you means the others will follow through.

In business school, one of the professors made us study Boom Bust and Echo.  That was the moment we learned about demographics.

When Rebecca was 10yrs old her Black Berry Torch died on warranty.  Research in Motion (a company she had been trading since age 9yrs) refused to repair it while it was on warranty.  They also refused to replace it.  I wrote to Black Berry and told them if they could not repair a phone on warranty for a kid they were going to face financial difficulty.  We ditched RIMM and got everyone Android phones (Becky is with Microsoft funny phone HTC though).  So in a household of 5 mobile phones, we have no Black Berry.  We have Mini on iPhone and she broke her phones many times till I begged her to go Android and she refused.  When I talked to Rogers Wireless about her consumption of phones, they gave her a phone paid by them.  They knew the story with BlackBerry and knew we would likely cut Apple out of the package.

Kids control the world of consumption.  Ignore their needs and you will pay a big price.  Who even would want to do this if they were thinking about the future of their company?  These kids know what they want and will ensure they get it.  They use things like high grades and we bend over backwards.  So you are in business and do not know that kids will influence your market share? Wake up because they will.

These are the same kids who have friends in India, Thailand, Venezuela, Hungary and Japan and all talk none stop.  They know brands and what is current or future.  They will kill your brand.  Since they are global kids, when you run a major media outlet and attack people from the cultures of their friends, they will punish you harshly.  If not directly, they will complain to their parents, teachers and other community leaders and before you know it "I will rather buy a Ford than a Mercedes.  Merceds advertises with FOX which is always calling black people lazy".  The repurcusions are immense.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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