Tuesday, May 30, 2017

@KCCAUG, @KCCAED wants to levy taxes on residential homes in #Uganda @StateHouseUG @KagutaMuseveni

Flooded streets
Fecal matter in the water
Tsetse flies (they ought to be somewhere there)
Fish ponds in the roads (people in Bwaise should go into the fish business)
Iron bars
Uncovered manholes (some lady fell into one and drowned)
Trash all over
Hospitals with no medicine or blood sets
Fire brigade for the rich and famous while you burn down markets
School delomitions to give land to rif rafs you call investors...those leeches that suck every last drop of blood out of the masses. By the way, how is Cairo Bank, Crane Bank and UTL?

Here is a story of why residential property tax is justified:

Because we have to pay for roads, schools and school buses and get mail delivered to the house, a property tax is levied each year on everyone who owns a house and or with land.

The property tax is often incorporated in the mortgage and the bank holding the mortgage then sends the tax assessment to the province.  The province then sends to the city its own portion.  Most of Canada and USA works like this.

In Toronto, we were  always billed directly and we would write a cheque for the province of Ontario.  Apparently some people in the province of New Brunswick elect to also pay taxes directly to the province.  We chose for the bank to add it onto the mortgage.

What KCCA is proposing is very dangerous.  Does KCCA pay for school buses, water, sewer and road repairs in all the KCCA zone?  Do they have ambulances for everyone?  Does the fire truck show up in minutes when you dial 999?  Do the metro police keep Kampala safe?  Does KCCA collect garbage from every house?

KCCA should not be allowed to levy taxes on residential property simply because KCCA ran the vendors off the streets and demolished markets.  That Betti Kamya better be saying the Rosary daily but Musisi also ensured many schools got closed.

How could you put 100,000+ people out of work and expect to balance your budget?  Even a kindergarten kid has more common sense than that.  Go ahead and levy taxes.  After all, you made them pay for putting street numbers and they said nothing.  You gave them Wifi located in people's apartments and they said nothing.

You made them pay for Sim Card registration and they said nothing.  They will say nothing.  Were they to talk, the whole city would have had an Arab Spring when you killed #BabyRyan.  Worse..when you arrested that mother with 2 babies.  I am gonna play that song again.

Awangale Ssabalwanyi awamgale.  Whatever that even means!  Damn...I should have been adopted.  I come from a nation of wimps.

We can learn from other countries.  I would not fear to tell our property tax levy but the services we get are amazing.  KCCA wants to tax everyone out of Kampala.  Be very careful.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

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