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Major Ronald Iduuli used to be a JAG.  I knew nothing about this gentleman but had been reading about UPDF tortured of our men and women in Uniform.

The job of a Justice Advocate General (JAG) is not easy.  I shpuld know.  One of my childhood friends is a JAG for DND in Ottawa.  They fight hard for justice for the soldiers.  Most are well accomplished lawyers.  In fact my friend closed her law firm after 11 years to go into the Navy and become a JAG.  They are incorruptible. They pass highest security clearance.  They are very brilliant.  They have integrity.  They never compromise justice.  They fight for good for the people in Uniform.

But in Canada, JAGs do not live in fear and are respected and very much loved.  You know that even if they leave the forces, they can return to private practice.  But what about the ones who wanna stay and fight for the people who are marginalized?  Major Iduuli is one of those. "My people need me.  I must stay and work for them".

I shared an article about him which I did not even write myself and then some fools threatened me over a man I did not even know. I guess UPDF is untouchable.  But for how long given that they do not even pay the soldiers for up to 11 months?

Did you even know that they even torture their own?  There is this officer Ssebyala who was tortured to near death.  They flew him to Somalia and court martialed him and jailed him in Somalia for 20+ years.  If you want to know how Uganda bosses kill and torture their own, jump to  I am not a contributor.

Hold onto that blog for it has stories on the wars in The Great Lakes.

The United States of Africa (USA) is aware of how many people in UPDF die while fighting your wars in Africa.

Why do you even fight in Africa?  You fund killers of my people.

Did you know that UN/EU sijui Amisom pays $50,000 to families of those who die in peace keeping missions in Somalia and those other cursed African countries?  Uganda pays the families $5,000 which is cool cash for the impoverished families.  One would have to be terribly impoverished to allow their kid to join UPDF.

For a fact, you all know that even the $50,000 if it was paid, it is a pitance and money cannot bring back your child.  You pay the families monthly dollars, kids' education and medical.  But Ugandans only get $5,000 to bury their child.

Where was this story going anywhere?

Major Ronald Iduuli is not suing Uganda government for him.  He is setting a precendent for the men and women in Uniform.  You might remember that Gen. Sejusa walked down this path before of forced retirement.  Gen. Katumba Wamala ruled that it was a no go.  Where is Katumba Wamala anyway?

Replaced. Always read the label.  DISCARD AFTER USE.

Martha Leah Nangalama

    By: Michael Ntezza

    Brigadier George Igumba , the Chief of Personnel and Administration of the UPDF who was yesterday  expected before High Court judge Justice Oumo Oguli for cross examination, was a no show.

The brigadier was scheduled to be cross examined by defense on his affidavit in the case where Major Ronald Iduuli, a former Defense counsel at Makindye General Court Martial accuses his bosses of forceful retirement from the army.
Last week witness summons were issued to Brig Igumba requiring him to attend court on 29th May 2017, but he instead wrote back saying he was away on official duties, requesting an adjournment to  29thor 30th June when he will be available.
In court on Monday, the other respondents, theAttorney General, Major General JB Musanyufu and Colonel Gordard Busingye were represented by Kyampiire Genevive and Lt Achilles Bwete while the applicant Retired Major Ronald was represented by counsel Noel Nuwe.
Justice Oguli adjourned the matter to Friday when she will rule on the objections filed in court by both theapplicants and respondents in this case
The respondent (Iduuli) wants court to strike off record the affidavit in reply deponed by Brig Igumba on grounds that it was filed after the expiry of the mandatory 15 days period required for the respondent to reply after being served.
Iduuli also argues that Brig Igumba was not among the people sued and he didn’t produce proof that he had been instructed by one of the respondents.
The respondents on the other hand argue that Iduuli’s petition had to be filed to the constitutional court for legal interpretation not High court.
In the main application before Court, Major Iduli is seeking compensation of up to Shs.1.2 billion for being forcefully pushed out of office and from the army without his knowledge.

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