Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Guidelines on being a Justice Activist for #Uganda

So you got your law degree from Naseero RD University and you want to join the fight to free Uganda from bondage. Thanks for dreaming.

It is noble to fight for your people. Prepare to get scars.

Of all the private messages one stands out. "I wnt 2 b lyk U". First of all I want you to be better when you grow up and join the lion den.

Second of all, Unglish is not an International language so learn to write the Queen's language.

"Bt am gud in Inglish".  Eyes rolling up!  I hope Naseero RD has a refund program for your tuition.

Third of all, do you have sources of income which will pay your bills so that you do not get bought out?

"My dad is going to be an MP so I will be okay".

Exactly what makes you think a job in Uganda parliament will help you to become an activist?

Most Activists, the few of us, have qualifications which can get us jobs outside of the regime.  Incidentally we are all good candidates for high end jobs for the regime.

It is possible that I will be sacked but will likely walk away with $500,000 and go to the beach.

When you choose to fight for Uganda, ensure that you cannot be bought for then you would never raise your voice.

So you hate reading and writing!  Activism involves a lot of reading and writing.  But you are welcome to the club.

Martha Leah Nangalama
My voice is not for sale. I will never betray my people. Twitter allows 140 characters. I am the 141st char. @mlnangalama.  I keep things real.

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