Saturday, May 6, 2017

God sent #ArmyWorms to deal with #Uganda army @UPDFspokesman

The Prince of Egypt - The Plagues (with lyrics)

Prince of Egypt is a DreamWorks movie released in 1998. It's a musical adaptation of the Exodus bible story. I enjoy it very much, for nostalgia, its beautiful animation, the great music, and a bunch of other reasons. The Prince of Egypt is created by DreamWorks Animation and owned by DreamWorks Pictures and Dreamworks Animation.
There is something magical about The Prince of Egypt.

When Prince Moses found out that he was adopted by the Queen who had gone to the River znile to get water and saw a basket floating floating and opened it to find a cute baby boy, he was devastated.

Moses is seen crying in his mother's lap and finally looks into her eyes and asks "Why me.  Why did you choose me?"

His beloved mother then sings for his son a song that can be summarised as "when the gods send you a blessing, you do not ask why it id so".

Much later after Moses has been at the burning bush and received the 10 commandments and instructions to return to Egypt and free his people, he has to confront his brother Prince Ramses who was now the King.

They kissed and hugged and remembered their childhood troubles they unleashed on people.

Moses then tells his beloved brother that he has come to free the Israelites. Ramsese was stunned because he had thought his brother would take his royal seat and work with Ramsese to continue enslaving the Israelites.

However Moses had clear instructions from the burning bush to free his people.

Ramses was very stubborn and refused to let Moses free his people.  Many things soon happened but the most poingant one is The Plague.  Moses prayed to God to help free the people.  Moses then returned to the palace and told his brother Ramses that rivers and lakes would turn into blood and plagues would hit Egypt.

This, ladies and gentlemen brings us to the current plague in Uganda.

What Uganda has experienced so far is a drought eith no food.  Then the rains came and the army worms are eating whatever id being planted.

Uganda lakes and rivers already had bllod from mypeople who were being slaughtered.  So we are done with blood and worms.

The next plague coming eill be more brutal.  Protect your first sons because in Ramses madness he cursed all first sons and lost his only son.

The Bible has many lessons for oppressors of God's people.  Read it sometimes.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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