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From 'God-Sent' to a 'pair of buttocks; what went wrong? #Uganda

When Uganda's military dictator came to power 30 years ago, he portrayed himself as the Messiah who had come to redeem the country.  The farsighted like LRA's Joseph Kong opted to resist his rule to this day.  Ugandans now so much wish that Joseph Kong helps them get rid of the brutal dictator.
Former President Milton Obote described Museveni as a "pathological liar who only tells the truth by accident". Former Vice President, Paulo Muwanga warned Ugandans against Museveni thus; "by the time the Museveni presidency ended, the country will have lost all its possessions and assets."
During the 1996 election campaigns at Dr. Ssemogerere's rally in Rakai, former Makindye West M.P, Nsubuga Nsambu called Museveni a Mujjananyina (bustard). Speaking about systematic land grabbing, he stated; "...this bustard who says he still needs our land, did he come with it? Let him go and tell his mother that those owners of the land have refused. The only way for us to deny him our land is not to deny him our vote." Hon Nsambu was arrested and prosecuted but the state withdrew the charges.  At the time it was widely believed that Museveni was not Kaguta's son thus the persistent reference to Gen. Saleh as his half brother.
In February 1994 at a public rally in Gulu, teenage girls from St. Catherine Girls' Secondary School shouted at Museveni thus "look at him, he is a Munyarwanda proper". The angry Museveni responded; " these girls are saying I am a proper Munyarwanda. May be they bore me as they are in a better position to explain to us." Their Headmistress, Beatrice Lagada had to suspend them from the school.
In March 2009 during a BBC interview, Museveni defended the appointment of his wife to a cabinet post arguing that his family had sacrificed a lot for Uganda.  The statement attracted a lot of criticism notably from Journalist  Andrew Mwenda who authored his infamous missive that exposed Museveni's grand nepotism.
Former US President described Museveni as a 'new breed of African rulers'.  He was emphasising a departure from the old guards who had struggled for independence and considered themselves having the right to rule.  They killed, imprisoned, style, bribed, lived slavishly, and built personal armies. Museveni and company at the time had hoodwinked the west as being revolutionaries. He has now outwitted the old guards threefold.
During the Passover Festival at Namboole Stadium in December 2010, Born  Again Church Pastor revealed that without Museveni Jesus cannot save Uganda and that Museveni had been ordained by God to rule Uganda. Pastor Joseph Luke in particular stated that; "God has spoken to me and revealed to me that Museveni is the one worthy to rule Uganda.  Brethren, let me tell you, on earth I know two people, Museveni and Jesus.  Museveni has also repeatedly compared himself to Jesus through parables. In September 2005 he hosted his regime MPs to a dinner at State House to congratulate them for lifting his term limit. He assured jobs to those who would not be reelected thus; " .....there are many jobs in my father's house. I am going to prepare a place for you. "
Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya in an Interview with The Observer asked Parliament to enact a law enabling Museveni to rule for life. He remarked thus; "Museveni is the father of the nation who deserves special treatment."
In August 2015, while addressing Christians at Kigarama Hill in Kigezi at a celebration to mark 80 years of Christian revival in East Africa, Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Jacob Oulanya described Museveni thus; "Museveni is like Jesus Christ who left his comfort zone in heaven and opted to come down to earth and die for sinners."
In January 2015, while presiding over his regime party team in Bugiri for a thanksgiving ceremony following the ejection of Amama Mbabazi, the new Secretary General Justine Lumumba thanked God for the "visionary leader, Museveni who has turned round Uganda from a failed state to a flourishing democracy that the people of Uganda are today witnessing."
In March 2016 Police arrested a one Nsamba Swaibu for having photoshoped and posted on social media a photo of a dead Museveni and had gone ahead to remark how he would jubilate if that day came true. The post attracted wide enthusiasm among Ugandans depicting the level of resentment towards Museveni's dictatorship.
Related to the 'dead Museveni' Photoshop is the hoax that was posted on social media that Museveni's daughter, Patience Rwabwogo had died in Germany.  This too attracted a lot of rejoicing on social media.  
During an election victory celebrations in Kiruhura in February 2016, Museveni's wife remarked thus; ....Museveni is a God-sent messenger of transformation because God works through people" before asking Ugandans to  render him all the support he needs to accomplish his God-sent mission.
In March 2016, an MP from West Nile, Col. Abiriga described Museveni as a Prophet sent by God thus; "...there is no Prophet that has been sent by God when another one is still there.  Therefore, Museveni should be given his time.  If we have President Museveni out, we shall have problems.  See what happened in Libya.".
In April 2017 a Makererere University don, Dr. Stella Nyanzi posted on her social media account that Museveni and his wife was a 'Pair of Buttocks'.  She was arrested by Police and is under incarceration. Shortly after, Museveni's wife in an interview with NTV defended her family as having served the country with dedication, sincerity, and that they have made a number of sacrifice to build Uganda. She went ahead to state that for the entire period of 30 years of her husband's presidency, the family members haven't selfishly thought about themselves in any way and that they have instead put the people of Uganda first.
Next was the First Son, Gen. Muhoozi who in an exclusive interview on UBC Television stated that he had sacrificed his life for Uganda.
What went wrong??????
Over to you.

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