Wednesday, May 10, 2017

VIDEO: #FreeStellaNyanzi showed up at court 2hrs late critically sick, collapsed @IGPUganda @aKasingye

Dr. Stella Nyanzi was scheduled to appear in court for bail hearing this morning at 9:00AM local time.  Many Ugandans showed up but the drama ensured with the students from Makerere University.  At 9:00AM as students were having the run in with the military police, there was no sign of Nyanzi at the court house but the military deployment was fit for a Princess.
Court was then told that Nyanzi was sick and first being attended to before being brought to court despite the Prison bus being on the premises.  Those who have been following the story on Social Media know that some students were arrested, many are still on the premises and Nyanzi finally arrived at 11:00AM local time.
Videos show students being roughed up and arrested by Uganda police and one shows Stella being helped into court looking very sick and weak.
Details will be added...

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