Friday, May 5, 2017

#France elections - #Canada #Uganda opinion

I will likely get a good beating for writing this one but I have become immune to beatings on Social Media.
In 1996, Thierry and I flew home for his mom's 60th birthday.  They had come and visited us in Toronto and we had given no suggestion that we were gonna fly home that summer.
It was a big party held in the community halls in Lisieux.  My future sisters in law and future brothers in law were cleaning and serving food superfast for the guests.  One gentleman stopped me and said (I will spare you as they only speak French), "but you are different.  Black people here in France do not work.  They come here for government assistance.  But are working like us".
I walked back to cleaning the dishes because his statement meant nothing to me.  A bit later... the gentleman asks me if I was moving to France for government assistance or marrying Thierry for papers in Canada.  I said non.  He then asked me what I do.  I told him "Je suis informaticienne pour Esso". (I am a computer analyst for Esso).  So this questioning got done with.  I had no idea that in Lisieux people think that black people go there for government assistance.  France has a fantastic system by the way but our family lives in Canada so we only go to visit.  
When we got back to Toronto, I told Thierry that if that is the way France treats immigrants, they had a problem.  Of course we continued to fly there every 6 months and most so after the girls were born but imagine when Paris burned down.  It was immigrant kids who protested being sidelined and their parents too.  No one seems to remember those riots but they were racial retaliation.
So when Ugandans ask me who I prefer for France, it is like asking someone who is vegetarian to choose between beef and spinach.  Since the vote is for the French Citizens (Thierry refused to vote), it is the people in France who must decide.  If they choose Marine Le Pen, they will unleash the version of what is going on in USA now.  If they choose Emmanuel Macron, they will have chosen to move France from extremist immigration and economic policies to the middle.  In reality, Macron will not FREXIT but you can bet that Le Pen will FREXIT.
What I worry about their choice of Marine Le Pen is her hate for everything none France (read white) and France returning to the Franc will not be an issue as we have a lot of Francs lying around here but FREXIT will cut off France from many markets and we will see companies exiting or relocating.  Did some of you read what I shared from Bloomberg 3 days ago? JP Morgan is moving most bankers out of Britain due to Brexit.  These are great paying jobs.  She will ban immigration or restrict it like her idol and then all hell will break loose.  France has the highest number of Arabic immigrants in Europe than any other country.  Other countries have many Muslims but France expressly took Arabs from Northern Africa and the Middle East to France.
Her take on immigration is very dangerous even if you do not look at her other policies which are very extreme.  Immigration alone will make France burn from Paris to Marseille to Bordeaux to Rouen and Nice and Lille.  One more day and we will know.  
Martha Leah Nangalama 
YES, I did not talk about Macron.  It is because he will be a better leader. He may be young but many young are grown souls in their youth. 

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