Tuesday, May 2, 2017

@FdcOfficial1 will never lead #Uganda to promised land

FDC has lost its centre.

For the life of me, I do not understand why the likes of Eperu keep attacking Gen. Mugisha Muntu.  FDC die hards hate reading.  Most of them went to UPE and USE though so their reasoning is a notch below the level of my elders of my elders in Bududa.

These people have accused Muntu of many things.  Mugisha Muntu is a very intelligent man and cannot be corrupted.  How many of you know he was offered to be Minister of Defence and he refused.

His discipline is rare in Uganda. Women in FDC have crushes on Muntu but he won't fall for their skirts or kabina.

Mugisha Muntu has never been the problem for Uganda.

Some of you will remember me warning you about Gen. Sejussa. Gen. Sejussa is incorruptible.

I am aware of the bad things.  But the Hon. John Amama Mbabazi FDC vilified also managed to bring Uganda's economy to its knees.

These 3 gentlemen hardly talk.  One thing they know well is President Yoweri Museveni.  You should stop calling them traitors.

As much as I adore President Kizza Besigye, I must remind you that he was Minister of Internal Affairs when Scotland Yard gave him the investigation report from Kayiira's murder.

If you are gonna judge Muntu, Sejussa and JPAM, then also judge Besigye.

Besigye is much loved but in our love for him we get blinded and do not ask him questions.  Then we do worse and draw art of him on a cross like the Christ.  Blasphemy.  It is sacrilegious to equate a mortal to an immortal.

Most FDC die hards went about their business when Besigye was jailed.  Had you loved him enough you would have stormed Luzira.

People like to ride on Besigye's coat tails but when push comes to shove they scramble for Museveni appointments.

Muntu is not so innocent though.  He appointed Winnie Kizza as LoP.  I had never even heard of that sister.

One of my NRM friends who is in Law School told me Winnie would not be good for FDC.  I told Mr. Handsome that we needed to give her a chance.

Next thing you know the girl was holding President Yoweri Museveni's hand in an airport campaigning for a witch to become AU chair.  Who even does that?

On the Kazibwe, my editor made me write articles praising her. I was livid.  Of course I was slamming her record on my blog.  He had the audacity to tell me Uganda really needed the AU chair and being a woman I was obliged to help campaign for a fellow woman.

Jobs given based on gender or colour are not good.  I may be a Musoga but will not let my nieces be sold for $5 for marriage.  When you assign jobs based on gender, tribe and colour, you exclude qualified people.

Where was I even going with this story?

November 26, 2016 bombs drop in Kasese.  November 27, 2016 they just blow up the palace. On this day Winnie was cutting cake.  I asked my friends in FDC why?  Reply: "party was pre-arranged".  This is what I call STUPID.  Try that shit in Bugisu and I will miss my birth day party.

Not too soon after Winnie was again letting Museveni touch her.  Yikes!

Also remember she is asking Museveni to set up office of Deputy LoP. She already gets sh. 3.2 billion for her useless office and now wants another one.  Traitor.

Martha Leah Nangalama

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