Friday, May 5, 2017

Don't lament about the moral fabric of Uganda - fix it #Uganda

Ugandan elites are the biggest problem of why Ugandans suffer incredibly and why the country is a mess.  For some reason these people have taken the old saying "every man for himself and God for the rest".  OR lately "for God and my stomach".
It started with the killing or stealing of all parastatals.  The professors, lawyers, bankers and Civil society said nothing.  In fact the media (the real elite) did not pay any attention.  Next they killed their banks and now the bankers were bankless. However, after all the bankers were used to siphoning money out of those thieving banks they were able to acquire land, build hotels or big farms and retire with no sound.
But as Karma would have it, so many of them lost the buildings they had erected, were evicted off their farms, some cows were even stolen and even the land was taken away.  Some got lucky and got in bed with the system so their children continued in the good schools with some even getting State scholarships and kissing the thug regime goodbye.  OR returning to serve the thug regime.
Elite media, lawyers, professors and civil society saw nothing wrong with all the education money being concentrated into State House and allocated based on the shape of your nose or your forehead.  They said nothing when they saw teacher's salaries continue to be very low and go many many months without being paid, some even many years.  In most countries this group would have formed a strong uniting force and put the breaks on this destruction of education.
Next of course the lawyers saw their profession being turned into one of the biggest laughing jokes in the books of Uganda.  OH my lord!  Do you see how you arrest professors and let go free murderers?  How you hide under your beds to only show up and pass judgement under the gun?  You did not fight for the others so will fight for you?   You did not fight for the doctors.  How could you let the doctors continuously go on strike with no pay and you do not put down your rules until the people who treat your families are paid well and on time?  Why did you not form a group to push the thug regime to stop destroying public hospitals and building private hospitals?  Because it did not affect you.  Well here you go:
The elite doctors who refused to fight for the junior doctors fly abroad for treatment, return dead and then you praise them for how professional and compassionate they were sijui serving on World Health Bodies, nebilala. Well, if they were that good, should they not have ensured that there was accessible free health care in their own country first?  Spare us the tears.
A business man working with the regime in collusion against the people gets gunned down and you cry.  Well, did he use those riches to repair his village school or community hospital or ensure that there was a big garden of food in his community where people could come and harvest for their families instead of eating termites?
You say that a city lawyer was involved in an accident and you saw the brutality of our people.  First of all the KCCA guy had real bad karma.  I wrote about him previously.  Then recently the city lawyer woman.  I understand that when people arrived on the scene the first thing they did was search the car and loot whatever they could find, instead of calling the ambulance to come and quickly air lift her to Kampala for treatment.  OR even perhaps just the road ambulance if they had called it immediately, it would have come and taken her to get quick treatment.  OR perhaps if they had Standard First Aid & CPR, they would have known not to move a person involved in a car accident, would have used clothing to stop the bleeding as one calls for the ambulance.
  1. People have no food at home.  They immediately think of what they can take from the car and sell and return home with food for their children.  Some might even be needing the remaining sh.25,000 to clear school fees for their kids and those car speakers look pretty good.
  2. They did not call the ambulance because they have no data on their phones.  Every thought about people having phones in their hands that they cannot use because they cannot afford air time or MBs?  Uganda reality.
  3. Maybe they did not have the phone number for the ambulance.  This is a possibility.  Just think about it.
  4. Oh maybe there are no ambulances in that area.  This is also plausible.
  5. They did not perform First Aid because they needed to loot for survival and they moved the body because maybe she fell on her Samsung Galaxy worth sh. 100, 000 and the body had to be moved to get the phone.  Welcome to poverty as you know it.
Do not make the mistake of thinking I am mocking the dead.  Understand that you cannot build a mansion among thousands of shacks and expect to live in peace.  The shack dwellers will one day storm your mansion and kill you for your greed and your assumption that you are safe and secure.  In fact even your own body guard whom you have been paying sh.50,000 a month will turn on you with the gun in his hands and kill you.
The robberies are because people are unemployed and impoverished and hungry.  
The killings, those not done by State thugs are done by frustrated people.  Years and years of suffering, scrambling to make ends meet, going days with no meal and then you snap.  You get hold of a gun or panga and kill without any remorse at all.  For those being killed, did they show any remorse when you were being beat up in the streets and losing your vending rights on the streets of Kampala and ending up in a slum with your children going hungry, getting sick and even dropping out of school?  They showed no compassion.
The general country wide level of crime must be expected to rise. Do not listen to Kayihura and Museveni.  They lie a lot.  Why the insecurity will continue is because of the 10 million unemployed youth and the 11 million hungry Ugandans.  Insecurity will continue because of the greed by those in power and positions of leadership.  These people go to their villages and sit expecting their own to kneel and beg for help.  Which our people have now been forced to do.  To kneel and beg.  But sleep with one eye open or be careful driving back from the village because I have heard of some fake accidents or strange road blocks.
Grow a heart.  Do not eat alone.  Help all those around you.  Ugandans are suffering and do you really need that 4th car to show off or the most expensive gas guzzler or must you eat till you become so obese that your arteries clog and you drop dead?  You weigh 300 kilos while your neighbour weighs 45 kilos. Do you not think you should share the fat?  Then some of you go to gyms to lose weight or go on stupid diets.  The best way and healthiest way to lose weight is to share your food with others. 
Martha Leah Nangalama

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