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Did the 12 children arrested by #Uganda police kill AIGP #Kaweesi? @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye

One of the 13 suspects so far charged with the murder of Afande Andrew Felix Kaweesi was picked from Bweyogerere in Kira municipality, which I represent in parliament.
The reason he was picked was because an informant at a boda boda stage overheard him say he was happy with Kaweesi’s death.
“Kaweesi has been harassing Muslims; he is finished. Next is Kayihura,” he reportedly said.
A boda boda (motorcycle) rider informed police and, in a few hours, the man had been picked and driven to the dreaded Nalufenya police station. And this is how many of the suspects were picked. Anyone alleged to have links with Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) became a suspect instantly.
Mr Museveni made matters worse when he declared, during a service at late Kaweesi’s home, that the killers were ADF. Within a flash, he had concluded this case before investigations started.
The hunt for former ADF fighters, real and imagined, began in earnest. That is why almost all suspects are bearded Muslims. I am told more than 100 people have so far been arrested, some released but others still kept at Nalufenya and other facilities. And the reason these people are being tortured is because police must extract confessions from them.
That will become the only evidence on file. In fact, I fear we may never get Kaweesi’s killers, considering the way police and other agencies are handling this matter.
Already, Butambala MP Muhammad Muwanga Kivumbi has cast doubt by claiming, in parliament, that some of the suspects were already in police custody at the time of Kaweesi’s murder.
Justice Forum’s Kalinge Nyago calls them police’s stock of suspects. These are fellows arrested for various offences and kept at police. Whenever there is need to parade a suspect, they just get them from their cells and put them before cameras. This is allegedly done to hoodwink the public that police is working.
Things like these used to happen a lot in the military. They were officially chronicled in a report by a probe committee of Salim Saleh, David Tinyefuza and Amama Mbabazi, around 2005.
The report catalogued incidents of mismanagement in the army, including promotion of dead soldiers and those who were in prison for exemplary fight. The late James Kazini got Museveni to promote his blue-eyed boys who were in detention at Makindye military barracks. He then went waving Museveni’s radio message, demanding their release since the boss had appreciated and even promoted them.
I can smell some sort of ghost suspects. The real suspects may never face justice. And that takes me to the story of children and women arrested and tortured by police. The story, broadcast by NTV, was disheartening.
Police invades a home of a suspect, arrests the suspect, blindfolds him but also goes away with his wife and 12 children! Maybe the wife and children were treated as exhibits.
What is disturbing the police, I think, is the number of children found at this home? In the wisdom of the arresting officers, these were too many children for one man/family. Where have these policemen been?
These children, 12, are even few compared to the size of many Muslim families in Uganda, especially in rural areas. My father, Hajji Ali Nganda Nkwanga, has 36 children, having lost seven. If we all congregated, I think we would be candidates for arrest.
In fact, we would need clearance from the inspector general of police under the Public Order Management Act (POMA). That is how ridiculous this police has become.
I hear mothers of these children went looking for them and they were advised to marry other men so they can produce other children. That is how casual people in uniform have become. Is- sues of children, especially to a mother, are not only sensitive, but also emotional.
You, therefore, cannot carry away someone’s children and advise them to produce others. These shameless policemen don’t deserve to put on our national uniform.
But the most shocking thing is that the police spokesperson, a senior officer, Asan Kasingye, blatantly denied that police was holding these children. Now his junior who speaks for Kampala Metropolitan, Emilian Kayima, is saying they have them.
But he also goes ahead to weirdly say they are holding them as they look for the real owner. It is as if these children had gone missing and were picked off the streets by police. How silly can it get?
You pick children from their home,including a two-year-old who is sick, and then pretend before cameras that you are looking for the true parents. People who trained these fellows must be ashamed!
In fact, one of the children was arrested with a mother. The mother claims she and her child were stripped naked and taunted with rape threats while in custody. I pity judges who will hear this case.
You then begin wondering who actually may have killed Kaweesi. I had been made to believe that maybe the ADF did. But with this kind of conduct, I now think it is other people that killed the man.
Former Makindye West MP Hussein Kyanjo said during the funeral of late Butaleja Woman MP Cerinah Nebanda that when a dictatorial regime becomes vulnerable, it kills even its own people. North Korea is doing that routinely.

Did the suspects' children kill Kaweesi?

One of the 13 suspects so far charged with the murder of Afande Andrew Felix Kaweesi was picked from Bweyogerere in Kira municipality, which I represent in parliament. The reason he was picked was because an informant at a boda boda stage overheard him say he was happy with Kaweesi's death.

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