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WhatsApp with Twitter on Instagram and Facebook? - #Social Media

So many social media engines.  So many internet sites.  So much information.  Where should one start?

Two days ago, one of the very few people I follow on Facebook posted something like he had just opened up an account on Instagram and should he switch over to Instagram ow what?

I read all the comments by his friends and stopped short of telling him he was getting advice from imbeciles.  Imagine one even had the audacity to say "Instagram is private.  Facebook is public".  Like seriously, I need the mobile numbers of their suppliers for the weed they are smoking.  INSTAGRAM is private.  Should I show you somethings I have found public on Instagram and I am not even friends with them?

Another one said "Instagram allows you to write your story.  Facebook does not?" You can now guess what my comment was for the nice gentleman.

"The Internet is wide.  There are a lot of Social Media engines.  You do not have to be on all of them.  Choose what you are comfortable with and stick to it for your audience".

Turns out that in Uganda, it is FaceBookZero, Social Bundles, WhatsAPP dude can I get your Twitter handle?  Incidentally, many Ugandans use Google+ and LinkedIn...the ones not profiled in Uganda media.  There are many other ways to share information so why limit yourself?  In limiting yourself, you limit information access for your audience.  The day Ugandans go on Bing, I will bing.  If they go on Stumble, I will stumble.  If they go on Tumblr, I will tumble.. By the way, I do have a decent audience on Tumblr.  We also have Reditt but it is not so Ugandan.

Why even argue or fight about where to post your information?  People are reading what you write and share so just do your thing and they will find you wherever you are.  Please choose where to be and remember, your audience is the reason you are in business and if your audience is not on SnapChat, why even bother to tell them to SNAP?  Common Sense.

Martha Leah Nangalama
I hold a degree in Information. I research, read and write and take no bull.

UN, UNHCR and HRW are useless - #Uganda @KenRoth @HRW @Potus @KagutaMuseveni @AlJazeera @BBC @WSJ @SputnikInt @CBC @LeMondeFr

UN has outlived its mandate and must be disbanded.  The biggest funder for UN is US. UN stood aside and watched US attack Iraq.  We are still getting body bags.

UNHCR survives on wars.  UN and US attack then UNHCR goes in to feed refugees.  This organisation is self serving.

I volunteered in a shelter for 6 months and the shelter was self serving.  They were living on numbers and were doing nothing to get people out of the shelter.  Most food banks work like that too.  They get funded per head.  So who would want the homeless or refugees to go out on their own?

Human Rights is perhaps the worst for people living in war and bondage.  Media is awash with demands for Uganda to investigate the #Kasese #Genocide.  It is not the first time HRW is calling for this.

Why HRW is a very useless organisation is because on November 26, 2016, we informed the world that a massacre was taking place in Kasese.  With media being cut off and threats of Social Media being blocked again, we furiously informed the world.

HRW said nothing and did nothing.  On November 27, 2016, the second day of butchering took place.  You cannot claim that you were not told.

So when UN and HRW show up this week condemning a massacre that took place 7 months ago, one can only laugh.  That very first day was crucial but you wait for 7 months to talk!

Do you know that my people were slaughtered like chicken while you took your time?  You cannot pretend to care when you only ask months later.

If HRW was serious, they would demand to be shown the mass graves.

If UNHCR was serious, they would feed Ugandans and ask all the owners of land grabbed to make refugee camps what happened to the Ugandans whose land was grabbed. Do you want starving Ugandans to register as refugees?  I know how your system works and I can help them with it.

UNHCR must stop praising Uganda for refugee camps.  Our people lose land to get your rif rafs to take over our land. President Yoweri has impoverished us so badly that people give you their land or sell land under duress. You endager yourselves and your refugees.

You are lucky I am in Canada or else I would burn down thise camps.  Feed my people!   Does it not bother you that 10pct foreigners have taken away land from my people?

If the UN was serious, they would ask why all countries around Uganda have wars.

That would be a tall call.

For far too long, organisations and agencies affiliated with UN have done nothing but hope that Africans get butchered and they show up as good Samaritans.  Damn.  Over my dead body.

SURE, one does not criticize UN without repurcusions.  I am well prepared.  Find all the information via Google.  I look forward to rebutals.  Ugandans are suffering because of your selfish policies.

May Thunder Strike You!
Martha Leah Nangalama
Canadian citizen born in Uganda

Well known silent killer killed Ivan Ssemwanga - #Uganda #Medical

By Nathan Span
The silent killer that has killed millions of people has once again taken another life of Ivan Ssemwanga. I never knew or met this young man who by so many accounts had a golden heart.
High blood pressure is also known as a silent killer because it kills you without little or no symptoms at all. Most Ugandans are at risk of dying of high blood pressure given the nature of our government's neglect of health centers. A human body is piped just like we pipe our homes for running water, except that the human pipes are known as Arteries, Veins and capillaries.
Blood pressure is a disease of the heart and all human beings have pressure but in order for blood pressure to be norm it must be at a certain level. Given the family history of the late Ivan Ssemwanga, he should have, been much careful of what he ate and took less alcohol or no drinking alcohol at all. I don't know if Ivan consumed alcohol but given the nature of his lifestyle one could easily come to that conclusion.
As it is the case in water pipes, sometimes these water pipes do have clogs which may be due to these pipes getting old or being careless by humans and stuffing trash in toilets or other drainages that eventually clogs these pipes and we all know the end results. In this case, a plumber is called upon to unclog the pipes but for the human arteries, veins and capillaries do clog by cholesterol which can narrow the blood's passage through these arteries. Cholesterol is a normal component of a human being but if it becomes excessive it can be deadly.
Because the heart has an incredible amount of force to pump blood sometimes these clogged arteries may bust resulting in a condition called aneurism which can be fetal or a small clot may form and could be transported from larger arteries or veins to smaller capillaries where it can cause sudden death.
If Ivan Ssemwanga died due to a clot in his brain as it has been reported in medias, this is what happened. The doctor is the plumber of human bodies and if Ivan was well advised he could have had a personal physician, maybe he had one, who could have taken care of him and perhaps live longer. That is one thing that keeps dictators live longer because they have personal doctors. It has been reported that his father also died from high blood pressure and therefore his children must be careful to have good healthcare when they get in their thirties.
Ugandans must be diligent in taking care of themselves since the government we have has less interest in keeping or educating our people on how to maintain a healthy life. Our education minister is telling us to not use boda bodas and no TV programs on how to maintain good health but we have a drunk in Tamale Mirundi making noise on TVs.
Exercise and less alcohol and salt consumption can lessen high blood pressure. Sudden death is usually (Ekikutuko) the result of high blood pressure but not being bewitched. Uganda yet has lost another promising individual who may have moved our nation in the right direction. May his soul Rest in Peace.

Our team at #UgandaNewsBriefing joins SPAN to send our deepest condolences to the family and friends of Ivan.  Every death is not just one.  It takes a portion of our hearts and we all cry with you all.  Please understand that we are with you in this hour of deep pain.  A star fell from the sky.  May Ivan rest in the arms of the angels. 

#Uganda is a failed State

For all Ugandans who are still in slumber,  I am gonna cause pain.
So our parents sell some land and get you a degree.  Then sell land to give you a graduation party.  Then sell land to send you to Arabs in Modern Slavery.  Then sell land to fly your dead body back home.
Then sell whatever is left to bury you.
And then their relatives write RIP upon your death.  Then what happens to the elders?
That oil is not coming out for the common man.  At least I know oil.  In fact I even have shares in Oil.  Just think about how OPEC is negotiating with none OPEC members to cut down production and push prices up.  They will not succeed.  They got Russia but will not convince America or Canada.
You banked on a commodity which shows no mercy for newbies. Even Venezuela where oil used to be cheaper than soda is now burning.  Practically all Oil producers who did not set up funds to cater for the down spiral are hurting big time.  Arab countries are ruled by despots and monarchies but one thing they do very well is ensure that their people are well looked after by always holding billions of dollars in cash to bail out their companies and their people.  African and Latin American oil producers do none of these things and the coming war is gonna be about burn down Luanda, Abuja or Tripoli.  Hoima is not even worth burning.
Your politicians ripped you off promising oil money to rescue you from poverty and here you are eating termites and rats.  You should have seen this coming when they appointed people who were totally unqualified for jobs to be ministers and policy makers in key positions.  EDUCATION, ICT, ENERGY, Agriculture.  You reap what you saw. 
For how long shall you rely on idiots in government to promise you heaven on earth based on oil which is now not even controllable by OPEC?
Did you stop to think that Ugandans can fish and grow cassava better than Asians?  By the way, they now even make kabs and roasted maize as their embassies promise infrastructure!  You also forgot to grow cotton and make cement and fertilizer from Tororo?  MY gosh, I should never have flown out of Uganda because the day I left that country, my people started to eat a poison which is now killing them all.  I am back though. BURN!
You are your own enemy.
"Poor reading habits are the enemy of civilisation".  Why did your MPigs not ask for details of the oil deals?  Because they cannot read or research.
If Uganda thinks that Canada, US and Saudi will help them to ride the oil roll coaster then I need to fly the girls back to Toronto and back to Canada's Wonderland or Marineland.
Ugandans must wake up.
Naye awangale Kabaka waffe.
How many roses can you pick from a Rose bush without being pricked by thorns?
Cry The Beloved Country.
Martha Leah Nangalama
I keep it real. Others catch up later.

Pen is mightier than sword - #Uganda #Write #Education #HumanRights


Writing is very simple and has become a lot easier to do than in the past where we had to write letters, buy stamps and mail letters. I do miss those days terribly for I was shaped by the weekly letters from father and my oldest sister and oldest brother but these two wrote maybe once a month. Father wrote every week.

Writing is one of the most healing things one can do in life. Write when you are happy. Write when you are sad. Write when you feel inspired. Write when you see a rainbow.

You can get story ideas from anywhere and anyone. For example, our #UgandaNewsBriefing WhatsApp group is a great start. I get many story ideas from this group. Someone asks a question or posts something. I start to reply..then it gets longer.. and longer.. then it becomes a story. This is the reason why sometimes they see me typing TYPING and typing and not releasing the button and then I go away.

I copy and then post on the web and it becomes a story. WE NEED TO KNOW that writing is fundamental to survival. WRITE. Write about anything. Write even about the mice which are eating the potatoes in the garden. Write about that kid down the road who is always bothering you. Write about your uncle the way I write about my Papa Kibeti. Write a story about how Nakawa market looked today or even the market in Bumasigye. Markets are great places for stories. One time in the Bushika market (Bududa District, Uganda), a story just unfolded right in front of my eyes. It was a very big story. I was young. But President Yoweri Museveni had invaded Uganda and deployed his National Robbers' Army all over the country.

So this one time while I was in Bushika with mother, there was a lot of noise. I ran down to the market and of course she had to follow me to the market. Right in front of my eyes, my own uncle was being stoned to death. MOB JUSTICE. Mob Justice in Uganda must be stopped and my friends and I are working on this. We published some horror stories on Change of Guards Blog about mob justice in Uganda.

Write about the nurse who came to work half in tears because her child was very sick and yet the nurse could not afford to bring the baby to the hospital. Write about the teacher who has gone 11 months with no pay and yet cannot put her 3 kids in that school where she teaches. Write about fat pigs showing up in your village for a funeral and then preaching to you that Museveni is the best president. WRITE. Write as if your life depends on writing. BECAUSE IT DOES.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Usher - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love ft. Pitbull

#Uganda #Education is dead - Rest In Peace

President Yoweri Museveni made a decision 31yrs ago to bastardize education.  He just did not do it out right for it would have pitched the intellectuals against him.  Non...not only the intellectuals.  The civil servants.  The teachers.  The doctors. The village chiefs.  The parents.  Our elders. The tax drivers.  The mukoko ten.  The boda boda.  The street sweepers.  The nurses, engineers, architects and practically even the cows.  He could not have made it obvious. 
For in Uganda, everyone, old and young, educated or not, learned or not, poor or rich; we all believe that education is the best gift one can give a child.  Education builds a nation.  An educated population practices civility.  They are kind to the vulnerable. They feed the nation for they will have learned to grow food and to care for the land.  They were educated by the fruits of the land.  An educated population reads the law and the constitution and fights for it to ensure that the constitution is not bastardized for the few.  
An educated population will put all tools down lest one of their journalists gets beat up by Byandala or a magistrate gets killed or a business man gets shot dead or a business woman gets beat to death by Baguma or the police lay siege on a court house or young stupid brats carry placards saying the IGP is gonna overthrow the president.  Oh, let us cry for the bastardization of the education of the people of our beloved country.
Museveni made education "free" and Ugandans praised him. Easy come easy go!
In 1996 I flew home and stayed for 2.5 months. In the village. I hate Kampala. It is too dusty and noisy and the people are very rude.  Granted, I speak Luganda with hesitation but you do not have to call me a munamawanga just because I am also trying to pay the same price for that pineapple as those others ahead of me who were speaking fluent Luganda.  NOTE TO visitors: Never shop alone. They will rip you off. They even do it to me.  And I am black and Ugandan and speak the languages.  Our people are lethal.
So on our village in Bududa, the people were celebrating and it was not even Christmas day yet.  Free education was starting in 1997.  On this particular trip home, no one was asking me for school fees.  So I also joined in the happy merrying.  Mind you I had just recently "finished" school and gotten a job.  I put "finished" because I kinda dropped out of school but that story has already been written.
So we are sitting under the mango tree with my team (8 kids - always move in a group.  This way, no one can trap you alone) and I have pen and paper. write down the kids whose school fees I was gonna pay come January.  We are waiting and watching. Every kid that comes to take a mango or menvu might be a candidate but we need to know the kid's name and the parents of the kid.  Otherwise you end up paying for kids from other villages.
No one. Nadda.  This was really strange.  So no one was coming to put a name down for school fees?  The people from Bududa know that we are born with responsibility. We must pay school fees for our siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, cousins' cousins, nieces' friends, practically the clan we are born in and the clans related to our clans.  One might as well just fund a whole school.
We are so interconnected it is a beautiful thing.  As a matter of fact, people from Bududa are the kind you meet in an airport like Brussels or Vancouver and you just drop the name and you are home.  "Hey, I am Leah from Bududa"... Then comes the question.  And this question must always be asked. "What are the names of your father and mother?"

If the parents of the total stranger do not ring bells, then the other very very important question. "Who is your grand father?" BANG.  Nama munda ya Weboya.  Home sweet home. By the way, who knows Museveni's grand father and grand mother in Nyabushoga (or is it Rukungiri or Rwakutara?).  Please help us here.  We are drawing the family tree.  Apollo is on the hook.
Where was this story going anyway?
So we leave kyalo with no names of this and that and no kids for fees.  Remember my people had been celebrating.  And it was not because Mzee had done the usual.  The "usual" means every Christmas the old man slaughtered a cow and Jesus camped khu lusha.  We ate and drunk too much plus music.  By the way many kids from Bududa are conceived in December.  Only God knows why.  
The others are conceived every even year in May, Aug and December.  Only Bagisu know the sequence of events. As a matter of fact, kids conceived outside these time frames are an anomaly.  I see all you wanna be Sociologists and Anthropologists rolling up your eyes.  DUH!  Our story is not written in books of mortals.  You must climb Mt. Masaba and drink the waters of Tsutsu or Wanale in order to get it.  Failing that, let your short skinny legs take you to Manafa and the ancestors of Kintu will tell you a tall tale that even Kakungulu dared not write in the antics of Buganda.
There were no kids for school fees because UPE was knocking.  Universal Primary Education.  The scam of all scams. Kumbe IMF and World Bank were imposing austerity as we were getting free education?  Who funded UPE?  Let that donor ask for a report.  Like financial accountability things.  What makes Ugandans think that a bushman had money to give free education?  AND you even failed.  To buy food flasks and pack food for your children!
Do you know there are 75 Ugandan students at York University in Toronto paying International Fees, living in high end condos and driving Beemers?  On State scholarships?  Who funds UPE and USE?  Then who funds the State House exports to Canada for high end education.  We will not even get into UK, US, India and those other useless places.  Canada is it.  Here, you come on a student visa and next thing you know, permanent resident and citizen.

The system is so easy I could cry.  But you need cash.  A lot of it.  How do you get such cash? You wear yellow. Consequently, stay away from students in Canada on government sponsorship.  They are mercenaries.  People die strangely after eating in funny places. not do that even in Uganda.  Some poison takes months.  Museveni is not like Kagame.  He does not send shooters.  He sends lovers.  Do not fall in love if you are an activist or criticize government.  Never fall in love.
I rather preferred to pay school fees for my clan than see them get "free" education.  Is there a relative whose school fees I paid who is currently unemployed?  NON!  But the relatives whose school fees I did not pay and because they got UPE and USE are unemployed.  I am not kidding.  There is free and then there is FREE. I do the latter.  The former is a lie.  So much "free" education and so much unemployment.  Numbers do not lie. 
Criticizing education is a very serious issue.  I have the scars to show for it as I have been at this for 4yrs and counting (on Uganda).  The 2 professors in Uganda media this week who are criticizing education make very brilliant arguments.  I wish you could just read the two stories in Monitor.  
Ugandans must understand that the goal of destroying and bastardizing education was intended to DUMB an entire population.  It was done so well that now we actually have 2 generations of STUPID.  Well, ours and our kids.  We could even have a third generation of STUPID if we do not STOP THE MADNESS!
Where Dr. Milton Obote and Gen. Idi Amin ensured education was accessible to everyone, Museveni took it away by giving it "free".  The school fees under the 2 former goodness, a child from Bududa in Namagunga just like that!  Think about it.
Under former leaders, our parents paid school fees.  Once you got to University or technical college, parents no longer paid school fees.  And you also got all your school supplies, food and accommodation and a monthly stipend.
We are talking about parents using coffee or milk to educate their children.  We are talking about teachers using their salaries to educate their children. Civil servants were paid well and on time and they used their salaries to educate their children.  As a matter of fact, all my older siblings did not pay for university or college. It was free.  And you got a job upon graduation. And we never had any of those fancy graduation parties that costs millions like these days. Which idiot gets a useless piece of paper from Makerere and throws a sh.40M party in Serena hotel only to fly to Dubai the following month to work as a house boy and shag the employer's wife?
So the education in Uganda is broken.  The kids graduate and cannot get jobs.  To the tune of 92%.  Many kids cannot articulate.  They write horribly and hate reading.  Far too many lack basic manners "Yo Leah! Give me da video".
These young people have a lot of potential now that they are on the GRID. But what do they do on the grid? They spread gossip. They display nudes of people.  They abuse and attack total strangers.  And oh man do they ever abuse strangers.  You can go to Bududa SS and do a poll of who never attacked Leah.  Many graduates from that school who were trashing me in 2013 and 2014 did not even know I was the one who had been providing their school supplies.

This is a question of basic manners.  You do not abuse or attack people you do not know. A broken education system produces such ingrats and it then goes into society.  Why do I not pay for school supplies for Bududa schools anymore?  That story has been written already. Corruption. Theft. I gave up.
Uganda education will not improve under President Yoweri Museveni.  Discussing education under him is like pissing in the wind.  But we will send Museveni off soon and return to basics.  Basics like teaching. Paying teachers well and on time.  Paying civil servants in the ministry of education so they can stop stealing education funds.  Paying professors well and putting policies in place like no sex for marks.  Putting a PhD holder and experienced teacher as the Minister for education.  Free University and College Education. Vocational schools too.  Returning all the stolen land to the people.  
Some of you better start packing your buveera because we are kicking you back to wherever you came from. Kicking pigs out of parliament.  A degree or certificate does not make a person.  As a matter of fact my papa Kibeti is one of the most intelligent men in the world and he did not go far in school.  He is heart smart.  Emotional Intelligence.  So the leaders who lied about their qualifications should recuse themselves.  Wetongola finished A-Level in December 2016 and got a 2yr Diploma from MUBs on May 26, 2017. What the FREAK?
TO BE Continued.
Martha Leah Nangalama

Friday, May 26, 2017

The #Uganda Martyrs Shrine - #Namugongo

I do not understand why Christians glorify such murders, such deaths, such tortures, such incredible pain. I dare not even see it.  But we have so much more history about all these horrific assassinations.  The sad thing is all this is happening right now and the world turns their heads away.  Except this time, we are killing the Muslims which apparently the world seems to be okay with.

Did you people know that all the assassinations of high profile people in Uganda are carried out by President Yoweri Museveni's regime and told to the world that the killers are AFD and Muslim.

One day you shall remember what you are reading now.

Ugandans have never had any religious fights.  We are being pitched against each other because Divide and Conquer works better for the regime.

You need to know this.  And if you really care about Uganda.  Go to Uganda and ask the Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Protestants, Pentecostals, those lying born againers... ASK them what they think of the other religions.  The answer will be "we are all brothers and and sisters created in the image of Allah, Jehovah, Yaweh, Wele, Mukama, Mungu, etc.. ".

Exactly where did Uganda go so wrong as to allow the country to be pitched one against the other?  I used to be scared to pronounce my love of Islam..well, for some years.. but I was Christian.  Then I saw this man, Kayihorror storm into schools in Busoga and close them down for teaching terrorism to tiny kids.  So apparently teaching kids to think critically means one is teaching radicalism.  Then so be it.  Fight the muslims as much as you want and corner yourselves into the current mess you have created for making enemies out of friends.

Martha Leah Nangalama

PS: Do I have to learn Arabic to read the Quran or does it come in English or French? Just asking.

VIDEO: Random thoughts - #Uganda

By Denis Wabuyi
Random thoughts
1. If they find you urinating in the public area, just cover your eyes and continue urinating.
2. Not all whose simcards were deactivated had not registered or submitted wrong information. Some deactivation was for fun, others was to test their ability to deactivate, the rest are political opponents.
3. Without doubt I have concluded that women are cannibals. If a laptop bag carries laptops, what does a hand bag carry?
4. The most successful relationship is not the one without disagreement or fights.
5. Most rich never get to know that they are rich until the poor have told them
6. A typical Ugandan will spend 11 hours in church and 2 hours or none in a class of financial literacy and yet expect to get rich.
7. If a Ugandan pastor rejects money, know that he is one of the false prophets.
8. If UMEME opened up offices near their customers, most of them (customers) would feel bad.
9. In this Uganda a person will only fight corruption genuinely if he has been denied an opportunity to "also eat"
10. Africa's best innovations have been in religion. They have even invented a god who receives calls from Earth.
Have a nice weekend!

Denis Wabuyi is an accountant.  He brought us the X - Files from the village and will soon be writing more stories from Busiu.  Stay tuned.

@MichelSardou - le grand réveil #Music #Musique de la France

Rain, Rain, Go away

Rubbers and Rain coats for the day

Rain, Rain, Go away...

---  the lyrics are beautiful for this song.  Michel Sardou has wonderful music. Explore about his great work.  You will fall in love with his music.

Martha Leah Nangalama

Moncton, Canada

VIDEO: There is a #war coming up - we all missed the memo from #US THE HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER

Military officials are telling lawmakers that the US needs about 165 B-21 bomber jets to fulfill its war needs.
During a discussion panel between three generals led by Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WY), Lt. General Jerry Harris, Air Force deputy chief of staff for strategic plans, programs and requirements, said that based on Washington’s war plans, 165 of the bombers "is probably what we need to have."
Gallagher asked the panel about a 2015 Mitchell Institute report called "US Bomber Force: Sized to Sustain an Asymmetric Advantage for America."
The report concluded that "Maintaining America’s asymmetric advantage in long-range precision strike over any potential future adversary requires a modernized and capable bomber force of 150 to 200 aircraft," and that "The aging-out of the B-52 and B-1 fleets, combined with the increasingly sophisticated threat environment, drives the nation to make an immediate investment to procure a minimum of 100 new long-range strike bombers to ensure the bomber fleet can accomplish the full range of its assigned nuclear and conventional missions."
It also estimates that a war with North Korea would require 60 bombers, Iran would take 103 and Russia would require 258, based on the length of the campaign, the number of bombs and targets needed and the rate of sorties that the aircraft could handle.
Harris said the study’s numbers "aren’t incorrect," and that the Air Force didn’t want to preempt US President Donald Trump’s new National Military Strategy.
This analysis comes as the Pentagon attempts to determine how much information about the next-generation weaponry should be public and how much should be classified.
On May 15, Lt. Gen. Arnold Bunch, military deputy of the Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, told reporters that the Air Force hopes to "balance program classification with the transparency we are shooting for to make sure we are not releasing too much or hindering too much information flow. They are analyzing what should be released," according to Scout Warrior.
The service is trying to walk a delicate line to maintain enough transparency for Congress to oversee the operation without inadvertently making sensitive information known to adversaries.
Virginia based manufacturer Northrop Grumman was awarded the contract to engineer the new bombers, which ultimately will replace the B-2.
Bunch told Scout Warrior last year, "With LRS-B [B-21], I can take off from the continental United States and fly for a very long way. I don’t have to worry about getting permission to land at another base and worry about having somebody try to target the aircraft. It will provide a long-reach capability."

Simaro Massiya Lutumba - Maya - #Musique, Vive l'Afrique

La musique africaine est l'une de ces choses qui est un petit peut oh lalala.

L'Afrique n'est plus le continent sombre. Nous sommes là pour vous rappeler que Dieu a créé la perfection.

Martha Leah Nangalama
Moncton, Canada

VIDEO: #Museveni shields @FrankTumwebazeK against Kadaga's 'Rwandese artillery' barrage - #Uganda @HenryTumukunde @KagutaMuseveni

Last week parliament debated and overwhelmingly resolved that the registration of SIM cards exercise should be extended for one year. The motion had been moved by the Leader of Opposition in Parliament. The decision was premised on the fact that citizens were undergoing a lot of hardships in trying to beat the deadline. The executive did not rise any objection on the floor of parliament.  Unknown to the Speaker, Museveni had directed his Prime Minister, Rugunda to chair a meeting of security agencies that fixed the deadline.  

Information Minister, Frank Tumwebaze thereafter called a press conference where he insisted that government was to stick to the deadline.  He argued that Parliament's resolution was simply advisory and not binding. Indeed, government went ahead and switched of the unregistered SIM cards.

The Speaker of Parliament, Rebecca Kadaga later moved the house to refer Minister Tumwebaze to the parliamentary committee on discipline for contempt of Parliament. She said; "...we cannot accept this disregard of the people's voices, their challenges and problems. It is a high level of arrogance." Members of parliament became furious and vowed to impeach Minister Tumwebaze.

Museveni realised that the Speaker, Kadaga had once again not only scored by identifying with the oppressed Wanainchi but was heading for another battle with the executive for which she was bound to win.  He moved very fast to convene a ruling party caucus in which he declared that the exercise of registering SIM cards was extended to August 30th, 2017 thus ending the impasse. He advised Tumwebaze to apologize on the floor of parliament. Instead, Tumwebaze attempted to dupe parliament by reiterating the executive's position on the matter. 

He said; "I take responsibility for communicating a government position because that is the work I was given. If that angered this house, I take responsibility and I apologise."  The Speaker whose interpretation of Tumwebaze's so called apology was that of continued arrogance, referred the matter to the Disciplinary Committee for advice. However, she went ahead to caution the Executive thus; " The country has lost revenue collections because of rigidity of the executive." She went ahead to advise the government to always read the public mood and act in the interest of the people.

Above all, Museveni realised that the Kadaga/Tumwebaze war of words was heading for another level - name calling. Ever since Museveni suspected Kadaga to be harboring presidential ambitions, he has carried out a series of offensives aimed at undermining her credibility. Over the years, he has used different regime cadres to fight his wars with Kadaga and this time it was Tumwebaze's turn. In September 2015, she owed up to an audio recording that had gone viral in which she had accused Banyankole and Banyarwanda for turning Uganda into an oligarchy.  

Despite the existence of anti-sectarian law, Museveni feared to take action against her but behind the scenes 'the leopard had been trickled in the anus'. In October 2016, Kadaga told off anther Munyarwanda, Frank Gashumba thus; "Uganda is really a linient country; how can Gashumba, a Rwandese, abuse us in Uganda?  He can't do that in Rwanda." Gashumba had earlier made a public statement that "Kadaga belongs to the Stone Age."  It obvious that had the fire that had been generated by the SIM card impasse not been timely put out, Tumwebaze was headed for a "Rwandese artillery" barrage from Kadaga.

Kadaga has to a significant extent put up a spirited fight in preservation of parliament's sanity against Museveni's concerted efforts to undermine and subdue it into his rubber stamp. Having assumed the position of Speaker in May 2011, a few weeks later she chaired the Appointments Committee that rejected six of Museveni's nominees to Ministerial positions. Shortly after she presided over a sitting that rejected the 61b shillings thermal power subsidiary. In October 2011, she presided over a sitting that debated the oil sector and the controversial contracts that Museveni keeps secret. The House threatened to censure Prime Minister Mbabazi and Misters Sam Kuteesa and Hillary Onek. 

The regime accused her of being in league with the opposition to undermine the government. During the regime MPs' Caucus meeting, Museveni accused parliament of rushing to pass things without caution. In May 2012, she told The Observer that those accusing her of favouring opposition didn't understand what multiparty means; " means many parties and it means that they should be allowed to speak. Some people think that when you are in opposition, you are not allowed to speak. But that member is not an enemy."

In December 2012, she stood her ground to recall parliament from recess to debate the death of M.P Nebandah who was feared to have been killed by the Museveni regime. She rejected the government autocracy report but instead appointed a team of Doctors to carry out an autopsy but were arrested by Museveni who vowed not to allow parliament debate the death, in his infamous phrase; "Over my dead body".

In April 2013 Museveni expelled the so called 'Rebel MPs' from his party and wanted them to subsequently lose their seats. The Speaker, Kadaga refused to expelled them prompting g Museveni to go to Cadre Kavuma (Constitutional Court) which granted his prayers. Later the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Kadaga's position and Museveni humiliatingly lost that battle. Kadaga's Appointments Committee rejected Museveni's appointment of Aidan Nantaba to a ministerial position. When Kadaga was away in Canada, Museveni used her Deputy Speaker, Cadre Jacob Oulanya to approve Nantaba. Since then, the regime adopted to sideling Kadaga and using Oulanya to push for its selfish interests in parliament.

In an interview with Urban TV and Bukedde TV in late 2014, Kadaga expressed his wish to run for the presidency.  She also expressly stated that she couldn't be silenced by anybody when she is convinced about something. With the 'change of guards' in April 2016, Museveni attempted a final move to get rid of Kadaga by intimidating his top cohorts under Central Executive not to nominate her. He wanted Jacob Oulanya to replace Kadaga. 

He argued; "I want a Speaker that I will work with, and not to fight with." Despite the huge financial bribery to MPs, still Kadaga triumphed and retained her position of Speaker for the 9th Parliament. As if Museveni was not yet done, early this year he used Cadre Kavuma of the Constitutional Court to block Parliament from debating a daylight theft of 6b by Museveni's cohorts. 

Kadaga stood her ground and threw out what she called "the stupid order" before indefinitely suspending Parliament. Museveni had to swallow his pride and relented. However, when Kadaga put in place a committee to probe the cold-blooded murder of over 100 people in Kasese by security forces, Museveni withdrew his cooperation and the probe collapsed.

Therefore, last week's SIM card registration impasse was a Museveni scheme in furtherance of the fight against Kadaga.

Source: Change of Guards Blog

#SouthSudan frees #UN #Journalist after 2yr detention #MediaFreedom

It is amazing how we celebrate when a journalist gets released.  He should never have been arrested in the first place.  He is a UN journalist and was held for 2yrs.  Imagine what they do to non UN journalists!
The problem with journalism these days is the fact that your own media house and your employer will leave you in the cold.  Imagine a UN journalist held for 2yrs while the same UN keeps funding the war in South Sudan.  So does UN care more for South Sudanese or Ugandans than it cares for its own?  
This is likely the reason why you will keep reading about UN experts and journalists vanishing because the rest of us are like....hey, do you only ignore our suffering?  Let us grab one of your own and see how much you care.  Turns out you do not care about your own either for why else would you not cut off all money to the countries which grab and kill your own?
You see, Karma works all the time.  You do not give a damn about us.  Turns out you do not give a hoot of a damn about your very own!  No wonder Jesus weeps.  Keep on funding the wars and you shall also be swallowed and then have to drive to the families of these journalists and announce the bad news.  Wake up world!  Terrorism is fueled by you showing the world that you do not even care about your people.  So it is no longer about those poor journalists in Africa being imprisoned or killed.  The war is now in your own court. 
Martha Leah Nangalama
South Sudanese authorities released a journalist Thursday who had been detained without charges since August 22, 2014.
George Livio, who worked for the U.N.-sponsored Miraya FM radio station, had been arrested by national security operatives and detained at an unknown location.
The U.N. did not immediately provide a reason for Livio's release, though the U.N. mission in South Sudan had been pushing for his freedom and that of two other staff members.
Several rights groups, including Amnesty International, had petitioned President Salva Kiir to intervene and release Livio.

South Sudan's President Salva Kiir is shown in the capital, Juba, May 18, 2017. Several rights groups had petitioned Kiir to intervene and release detained journalist George Livio.
South Sudan's President Salva Kiir is shown in the capital, Juba, May 18, 2017. Several rights groups had petitioned Kiir to intervene and release detained journalist George Livio.
VOA's South Sudan in Focus reached Gelego Livio, the journalist's father, by phone Friday in Khartoum.
"I got the news … about half past 5 yesterday evening. He was released about midday, possibly," Livio said.
Livio told South Sudan in Focus that he never received a reason for his son's arrest from the government, but heard that the government thought he was "collaborating with Riek Machar," the former first vice president who fled Juba shortly after a fresh outbreak of deadly fighting occurred in the capital in July.
The elder Livio said he and his wife were granted one visit with their son in March 2016. He said George Livio was being held at a Juba hospital.
Livio said he learned from his maternal uncle in Juba that his son had been freed Thursday.
"We, his mother and I, had a very, very exciting time last evening. Now, we really want to hear his voice," said the father.
South Sudan in Focus directly contacted George Livio on Friday, but he declined to comment and referred the VOA program to the U.N. Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).
A UNMISS spokesman, Daniel Dickinson, applauded Livio's release and urged authorities to free other U.N. staff members in detention.
"The mission calls for the release of its two other national staff members who are currently also being held in detention without trial since 2014. UNMISS continues to call on the South Sudanese authorities to respect national law and the fundamental principles of due process under international human rights law," Dickinson said.
Amnesty International said there has been an increase in illegal detentions since a civil war broke out in the country in 2013.
According to the Committee to Protect Journalists, at least five journalists have been killed in South Sudan since the country gained independence in 2011.

The mystery of the Holly Eucharist


#OPEC, #Oil report - May 26, 2017

Friday, May 26, 2017

OPEC and non-OPEC members secured a nine-month extension of their deal, pushing the combined 1.8 million barrels per day in reductions through to the first quarter of 2018. The cohesion among the disparate members was notable, although the markets, hoping for a bullish surprise, were less than impressed. After hinting at deeper cuts or perhaps an extension through the middle of 2018, oil traders were left disappointed. There is evidence that hedge funds and other money managers built up a bullish position ahead of the meeting on the off chance that OPEC would surprise the market with more aggressive action. Once that was off the table, there was a selloff in crude positions. OPEC officials shrugged off the price drop, arguing that they can’t be concerned with daily price movements.

OPEC’s cut aimed at Saudi Aramco IPO. One of the principle motivations for Saudi Arabia to keep the production cuts going is to 
boost the valuation of Saudi Aramco when it stages an IPO next year. The Saudi government needs higher oil prices in 2018 in order to maximize the sale of Aramco. Saudi officials allege that the company is worth some $2 trillion, although others dispute that figure. Nevertheless, the timing of the Aramco IPO ensures that Saudi Arabia will do “whatever it takes” to keep oil prices afloat. 

No “exit strategy” yet for OPEC. OPEC is confident that the nine-month extension will drain inventories back to average levels by the end of the compliance period. However, some analysts have raised the prospect of a renewed glut once the deal expires. If that were to happen, OPEC might find itself in a position of having to extend the cuts indefinitely. Obviously, it does not want to do that. When asked about an “exit strategy,” Saudi energy minister Khalid al-Falih said that they did not have one, but that they would work on coming up with a plan over the next nine months.

OPEC and non-OPEC alliance surprisingly strong, but road gets tougher from here. The compliance rate from within OPEC has been very strong, save for Iraq. Non-OPEC cuts were less impressive over the initial six-month period. Nevertheless, the display of unity in Vienna on Thursday is a sea change from the past, and the understanding between Saudi and Russian officials in particular is important. However, compliance will be much more difficult going forward, with more members achieving higher levels of production capacity. Historically, such alliances to restrain output have proven to move oil prices in the short-run, but “they eventually fall apart,” Robert McNally, president of energy consultancy the Rapidan Group, told the 
Wall Street Journal.

Iraq looks at hedging. Iraq is 
considering a hedging program to ensure it has predictability regarding oil revenues for next year. The head of Iraq’s state-owned oil marketing company said that the country is considering a plan to hedge as much as a quarter of its production. That move is likened to the strategy pursued by Mexico, which routinely locks in large volumes of crude sales a year ahead. The tricky thing about this size of a hedge is that it can actually influence futures prices. At this point, Iraq says it is only in the early stages of such a plan.

Global shipping fleet braces for fuel emissions standards. By 2020, the global shipping industry will have to begin using cleaner fuels in order to cut down on acid rain and other air pollution problems. The regulations come from the International Maritime Organization (IMO), and will affect the 90,000-ship merchant fleet around the world. The industry could spend as much as 
$60 billion complying with the standards, according to Wood Mackenzie. The problem is that it is uncertain where sufficient volumes of cleaner fuels will come from. The regulations could disrupt shipments and add to the cost of global trade.

China downside risk to oil prices. China’s credit rating was downgraded earlier this week by S&P, raising a red flag for oil demand. China’s economy is showing weakness and growth concerns could weigh on oil demand. "Without China, the oil market cannot survive," 
said Fereidun Fesharaki, founder and chairman of FGE. Still, falling domestic production could mean that oil imports rise going forward.

Canada introduces methane regulations. Canadian regulators 
proposed new rules on methane emissions from oil and gas drilling, with an objective of cutting emissions by 40 to 45 percent below 2012 levels by 2025. The industry has said the rules would be costly while the government says the benefits will make them very achievable. Still, the industry won a reprieve as it now appears full implementation will be pushed back to 2023 from the originally proposed start date of 2020.

BNEF: Electric vehicles to beat internal combustion engine on price by 2025.New 
research from Bloomberg New Energy Finance concludes that EVs will be cost competitive with traditional gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles by 2025. Batteries account for about half of the cost of the EV, and battery costs are trending downward, with costs to fall by an additional 77 percent by 2030.

BlackRock investing in renewables. The world’s largest investment group is getting into renewables – which should scare coal investors. BlackRock says that renewables are not only already competitive with coal, but that looking forward, it isn’t even a close race. "Coal is dead. That's not to say all the coal plants are going to shut tomorrow. But anyone who's looking to take beyond a 10-year view on coal is gambling very significantly," global head of BlackRock’s infrastructure investment group, Jim Barry, told 
The Australian Financial Review.

VIDEO: Brazil doctors find another use for Tilapia - treating burns

Researchers in Brazil are experimenting with a new treatment for severe burns using the skin of tilapia fish, an unorthodox procedure they say can ease the pain of victims and cut medical costs.
Frozen pig skin and even human tissue have long been placed on burns to keep them moist and allow the transfer of collagen, a protein that promotes healing.
Brazil's public hospitals, however, lack human and pig skin supplies and the artificial alternatives easily available in Western countries. Instead, gauze bandage, which needs regular changing - often painfully - is the norm.
Tilapia is abundant in Brazil's rivers and fish farms, which are expanding rapidly as demand grows for the mildly flavoured freshwater fish.
Scientists at the Federal University of Ceara in northern Brazil have found that tilapia skin has moisture, collagen and disease resistance at levels comparable to human skin, and can aid in healing.
In China, researchers have tested tilapia skin on rodents to study its healing properties, but scientists in Brazil say their trials are the first on humans.
"The use of tilapia skin on burns is unprecedented," said Odorico de Morais, a professor at Ceara University. "The fish skin is usually thrown away, so we are using this product to convert it into something of social benefit."
The tilapia treatment can speed up healing by several days and reduces the need for pain medication, the Brazilian researchers say.
University lab technicians treated the fish skin with various sterilising agents, and sent it to São Paulo for irradiation to kill viruses before packaging and refrigeration. Once cleaned and treated, it can last for up to two years, researchers say. The treatment removes any fish smell.
In medical trials, the alternative therapy has been used on at least 56 patients to treat second- and third-degree burns. Patients, with limbs covered by fish skin, resemble creatures from a science fiction movie.

Car mechanic Antonio Janio badly burned his arm when a cylinder of soldering gas leaked. He says the tilapia skin treatment is more effective than bandages that need to be changed every two days.
The fish skin has high levels of collagen type 1, stays moist longer than gauze, and does not need to be changed frequently.
The tilapia skin is applied directly onto the burned area and covered with a bandage, without the need for any cream. After about 10 days, doctors remove the bandage. The tilapia skin, which has dried out and loosened from the burn, can be peeled away.
"Use the tilapia skin. It's excellent," Janio said. "It takes the pain away. You do not need to take medicine. In my case, I did not need it, thank God."
Morais said that the tilapia skin treatment costs 75 percent less than the sulfadiazine cream typically used on burn patients in Brazil, as it is a cheap fish-farming waste product.
The researchers hope the treatment will prove commercially viable and encourage businesses to process tilapia skin for medical use.

#Ugandans reacted to the "#Boeing gets Uganda Airlines Deal"

This video made me almost cry the first time I watched it.  Just today I just used it in a story on the govt awarding sh. 1.4B to a third enterprise to do another study on the revival of Uganda Airlines.  Just to give you an idea of how much the regime thinks we are stupid, watch this video and read the comments below.

The comments are on the video on Youtube.  The MP4 is available via WhatsApp +15068716371 and the link is at the bottom to the youtube itself.

Gosh. the amount of wrong information in this clip. Oh my God. Did these guys actually go to Boeing? A 737-500 seating 4 across? and then they are able to still sit 200 passengers? 30 million dollars? Aren't these guys going to buy junk aircraft? the last 737-500 aircraft was manufactured in 2000. What other 737 is he talking about. Very interesting. CRJ900 and ERJs cost much more than what he is proposing. very interesting.
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abbey Sekamatte
This moderator is just a joke. Did he do research,I could have asked much better questions and handled the interview more professional.I'm so angry with the way how a trained pilot too (like he says) is stressing the adaptability of the plane to the weather,like the other competitors planes don't have such and which it is amateurish. A boeing 787 cost up wards of $300 million . Now the 737 could carry half of those people and he claimed to cost $30 million. What are we smoking !! poor interview and poor interviewee.
Michael Kaliisa
The most annoying part of this interview is the host believed everything this dude said.
John Forbes
Yes a lot of void information was shared in this clip well it's never official until Boeing announce the order same thing applies for the crjs. 500 series isn't even NG. So I don't think that would be ideal. Just stick to the crjs n wide body 330s and we will prosper
Joshua Musoke
This gentleman is an absolute joke. most carriers have parked the -500 in favor of the -700, -800 and for range capacity -900. The outside elements do not have that affect on the body of the aircraft seeing as all temperatures above 24,000 feet are all negative. Wow hood wink people without doing any research, the range of said 737-500 is 4444 km or about 2400 nautical miles, but add weight and winds and you are coming up really short of your destination and a tech stop will be necessary. so your Entebbe to London route is a non starter at 6504 km or 3512 nautical miles.