Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Why me? Why not you? - #PrinceOfEgypt

There is that scene in the movie after Moses finds out that he was adopted and the Queen mother had picked up a basket floating on the Nile with a baby boy in it, he asked his beloved mother, WHY DID YOU CHOOSE ME?

The mother replies "When the gods send you a blessing, you do not ask why it was so".

Remember that Moses and Ramses were wonderfully close and the shock of them coming to know that they were not blood brothers was hard on them but their love endured.  Of course till Moses asked that Ramses let Moses people go!

What I find fascinating about that Disney production is how they could wing the suffering of the Jewish people with the slave masters in Egypt and still tell the Bible Story of God parting the sea.

I too sometimes ask Why Me?  Pourquoi moi mon Dieu?  And the answer is always Why not you? Pourquoi pas toi?

Of course in the end Moses rescued his people from slavery and his brother fought him till the sea swallowed all the sword wielding soldiers lead by Ramses who had chased them into the dessert.

One cannot blame Ramses because he did not want to lose his brother.  But Ramses did also not want to lose the slaves for Egypt.

So the next time you ask yourself "Why me oh Lord?", ask yourself "Why not you?".

When heaven sends you a blessing, you say "thank you" instead of asking silly questions.

Martha Leah Nangalama


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