Friday, April 14, 2017

Why is #Museveni's government selfish? - #Uganda @IGPUganda @PoliceUg @aKasingye


DR. Stella Nyanzi is going to celebrate Easter in Luzira prison and what was her crime? Cyber harassment of Janet Kataha Museveni. Ugandans we must stop being so selfish that whatever happens to others we take it as none of our business.
Dr. Nyanzi has been fighting for our poor young girls and the person we glorify dictator M7 should b the one in Luzira for promising lies to get your vote and Dr. Nyanzi who is pointing out M7's lies is in jail. We need to see through this family that pretends to fear God during the day and and night their evil deeds are smeared all over the place for all to see.
Now they are celebrating the rigging of Kamuli elections while many political prisoners are behind bars. If we do not stand up for Dr. Nyanzi, we deserve to be in the situation we find ourselves in. All concerned Ugandans that can access social media must be on the net regardless of where you're instead of posting silly GIFs.
Dr. Nyanzi is our own fighting for us unlike many others that have decided to jump in bed with dictator M7 like Mengo. What type of a society have we become that we don't care about those that are fighting for our well beings but praise and adore those that bring us sufferings with no end in sight. We are the most selfish and cowardly society ever walked on earth. Shame on me, shame on you and shame on everyone that we have left Dr. Nyanzi to celebrate Easter behind bars. On Easter Day let those that can go to Luzira prison go and give support and hope to Dr. Nyanzi. Some of you self seekers may jump on my case for not being there but at least I am doing something to bring awareness of this terrorist regime to the masses.
A self anointed ANUS dictator M7 is enjoying Easter at home with his family. Museveni named himself ANUS. "If you stick a finger in a leopards Anus" meaning that M7 himself is the Anus and we are so foolish to let an Anus rule us!

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