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Why Gen. Kalekyezi raided The Observer newspaper offices @Observerug @IGPUganda @PoliceUg

On 17th March 2017, a top Museveni cadre attached to the regime police, Kaweesi was shot dead because of internal power wrangling and sharing of the loot.  Without due security diligence, all the top
security chiefs rushed to the scene.  They expressed dismay at the level of skill and confidence demonstrated by the killers. 
The police chief, Gen. Kalekyezi personally supervised the forensic team comb the scene.  He revealed how he had rang and talked to Kaweesi a few minutes before he was shot.  Mulago hospital mortuary which was sealed off as an autopsy was being carried out leaving other people who had remains of their other loved ones stuck till the following day.
AIGP Fred Iga arrested three people who were picking the blood-soaked soil from the scene of murder long after the forensic experts had left the scene but Gen. Kalekyezi's Personal Assistant released them after bitter exchanges with Fred Iga.  African murderers usually seek such samples from crime scenes for ritual cleansing against potential evil spirits.  It was also reported and not disputed that the killer gun was an M4 which is a preserve of specialised sections of the Police, SFC and CMI. 

Post mortem report revealed that Kaweesi's body had been pumped with 27 bullets while his escort and driver took 33 and 19 respectively.  The smaller number of bullets for the driver could be corroborated with why and how he managed to steadily stop the car in the middle of an ambush without swerving off the road like was the case with Maj. Kigundu shooting.  Moreover, such drivers are taught Defensive Driving.
Later in the day it was announced that an inter-agency investigation team had been put in place comprised of police, CMI, ISO and SFC.  The police released composite pictures of the suspected killers basing on eye witness accounts of bystanders.  Late in the afternoon IGP Kalekyezi issued a formal statement in which he assured the nation that they would get the killers; moreover "even in the pending case of the late Joan Kagezi we have established very good clues towards the identity of the thug who gunned her down.  We are tracking him and we will soon have him in custody."  he was dancing on Kagezi's grave.
Museveni visited the bereaved family where he told mourners that the police had been infiltrated by criminals before he directed Gen.  Kalekyezi to clean it. During the church service at Kigowa, Kaweesi's

in-law who is an M.P told mourners that "the people who killed Kaweesi are here with us."  During the burial in Lwengo, Gen. Kalekyezi revealed that some three suspected killers had been arrested thus "some people have been saying that Kayihura is sleeping.  I am not sleeping; the police force is not sleeping.  As we speak now we have arrested some people.  In fact, this morning one of them was arrested while trying to run to Congo."
The police alleged that the other two suspects were Muslims of the usual Nakasero Mosque.  He further disclosed that police had obtained CCTC footages from the nearby supermarket showing three killers who shot and were riding motorcycles and that their identities were still being scrutinised.  Remember, three months after the murder of Joan Kagezi, in May 2015 the same police claimed to have arrested her killer somewhere in Kasese as he allegedly tried to take of using a boda-boda.
Five days later the police disclosed that they had acted on information from those already in custody to arrest twelve suspected killers including five children who had been hiding in a house in Najera.  That those children revealed how they were being trained to be assassins with funding from foreigners.  The is also an undisputed rumour that a few days before the murder the Director of Counter Terrorism had warned his senior colleagues to be very warry of attacks by regrouping ADF.  Yet at the time of his murder, Cadre Kaweesi had only one bodyguard out of his assigned seven. It has also been revealed that Kaweesi had received threatening messages from unregistered SIM card but again it is reported that security agents are the ones using unregistered SIM cards for 'classified operations'.
The police have arrested a Busia based clearing agent together with five other people on accusations of aiding a suspected Kaweesi killer to sneak to Kenya.  From Congo to Kenya now!  It has also arrested a former ISO operative, Godfrey Musisi who ten years ago faced charges of attempting to assassinate Museveni.  He was convicted by the military court to ten years but in 2010 Museveni pardoned him.  The concocted charges had targeted Brig. Kayanja who at the time was ISO chief.  In 2013 he was arrested again on terrorism charges and later he sued the regime for gruesome torture.  They have also arrested the Chairman of the Bodaboda stage located near Kaweesi's murder scene.  The FBI withdrew after finding no trace of terrorism but inside job.

To hoodwink the public and to counter public outcry over nepotism whereby his tribemates dominate strategic positions, Gen. Kalekyezi has embarked on transferring officers.  His
close aides like Baroza, Uwera, Nyirasenga, Igumira, Musimenta, Sembera and Rwanyonga have already been affected.  He has issued a warning to police officers against competing to have quick accumulation of ill-gotten wealth.
In August 2014, he flew to Kaweesi's village home to preside over the inauguration of his multi-billion village mansion where he urged other officers to emulate Kaweesi's hard work. Fraudulent accumulation of wealth has been the yardstick for loyalty by police officers.  However, its interesting to note that access to Kaweesi's residence is restricted and it has been reinforced with uniformed and non-uniformed policemen just to ensure that the widow does not disclose any information in her possession to anyone.
The media has repeatedly reported disharmony amongst the agencies probing the murder.  The Observer in particular has exclusively revealed that ISO, SFC and CMI have ganged up against the Police CID's suspicious conduct of investigations.  It has revealed the existence of mutual suspicion as agencies seek to undo each other and undermine one another's progress.  Another source of conflict is said to be the huge sums of cash that are under the control of the police. 
The other three military aligned agencies want the investigations to cover the senior police officers but the police are pursuing the usual ADF line.  The police want the other agencies to simply gather intelligence and hand it over to the police for investigations pointing out that its greatest hindrance is lack of surveillance and intelligence information. The police have refused to hand Kaweesi's cell phones to
the other agencies for forensic analysis.  It is alleged that he had five phones of which two were for official work but only three have been recovered.  The police spokesperson insists that investigating the phones should come last; ".... we are still holding on Kaweesi's phones.  We shall release updates whenever we have them." 
He went ahead to disclose that ADF was trying to create several decoys to divert the forces trying to pursue credible clues.   He added that the suspects they were holding were "cooperating and giving us very good information that would help in getting whoever was involved in this crime." He further revealed thus; "I have been instructed by the IGP not to give out any information about investigations now.  We shall give information after we have concluded investigations."  Pressed on the alleged disharmony that has rocked the investigation, the Spokesperson had this to say; "We are not rejecting to work with any security agencies in this matter but the CIID headed by Grace Akullo is the lead investigator.  What I wish to you is that Kaweesi's linking is linked to ADF and we shall get them."
Reacting to the consistent revelations by The Observer, Gen. Kalekyezi late last week sent his usual goons who raided The Observer newspaper offices in the middle of the night and took away all the
electronic gadgets, computers and their servers, and the entire CCTV camera system.  This has been the norm with several human rights NGOs and some media houses who have repeatedly fallen victim.  He thinks that The Observer was being used by rival agencies in discrediting his police. 
Now he has broken the silence over the saga thus; "We are the lead investigators of criminal cases including the Kaweesi murder; so, anybody who thinks he/she can take over Kaweesi's case is just wasting time.  CMI and ISO can write their reports about the Kaweesi murder, but it is the police that will do the investigations and apprehend the killers."   Monopoly on criminal investigations and arrest of suspected criminals by the police has been Gen. Kalekyezi's biggest asset. 
He believes that with that privilege he is the Alpha and Omega on the criminal justice system in the country if he remains in that position.  He can frame anyone with any criminal charges, he determines the failure or success of any criminal investigations and can as well get anyone off the hook. Museveni is very supportive of this stance.  For sinister motives, Gen. Kalekyezi was the chief mourner who spoke and laid wreath at Kaweesi's Kampala home, at the local church, at Rubaga cathedral and at the burial in Lwengo.  I hope he wont attend Kaweesi's new born's birthday party as chief guest.
I pity gullible Ugandans who are anticipating a Kaweesi murder report from DISORGANISED investigators handling ORGANISED crime.
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Why Gen. Kalekyezi raided The Observer newspaper offices

On 17th March 2013, a top Museveni cadre attached to the regime police, Kaweesi was shot dead because of internal power wrangling and sharing of the loot. Without due security diligence, all the top security chiefs rushed to the scene. They expressed dismay at the level of skill and confidence demonstrated by the killers.

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